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5 Insane Videos Never Created by Rextroy

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Rextroy’s latest video is quite different from what we’re used to. In this one, he talks about 5 videos he never released for various reasons.

The videos cover the following subjects:

Naked Level 30 Rogue Ganking Level 60s




Rextroy's latest video is quite different from what we're used to. In this one, he talks about 5 videos he never released for various reasons.

The videos cover the following subjects:

  1. Naked Level 30 Rogue Ganking Level 60s
  2. Soloing Shad'har (Battle for Azeroth)
  3. Auto Hit "One-Shot" Without a Weapon
  4. Ashran Sidestrat Rush
  5. Invisible Mage One-Shot (WoW Classic)

Rextroy also offered some background information on all videos that were never created.

During my time making Youtube videos and finding one-shots, there are a lot of different ones I come across that I never end up making anything with. In this video, I will list 5 of those, and if the content is enjoyable I will do more parts later!

1. Level 30 rogue ganking level 60s while naked

This one-shot was an ambitious one. I had leveled my rogue specifically for this. The combo was built around certain engineering items that could only be obtained by gnomes at this level since you get an engineering passive bonus skill. As well as all the CC that rogues have available. I also had to keep in mind that the combo did quite a lot of DMG to myself, so I had to be lucky so that Gnomish Death Ray didn't end up doing too much damage...

The reason I didn't finish the vid was mostly that I went on holiday shortly after and came back to play Retail, as well as running out of gold to keep trying. Each attempt cost a lot of gold since there were high-level consumables involved.


2. Solo Shad'har (BFA)

This solo was something I didn't try until the last day or two before prepatch was released. The reason I didn't put any effort into it beforehand was that the strategy I used was similar to many other bosses (stack up adds, use Last Defender) this would diminish the "cool" factor of the solo. I also had a lot of other videos I wanted to get finished. The best attempt was 11%, with still a lot of things to min-max. The biggest reason the solo was more painful than I expected was that the adds that spawn during his encounter actually damage the other trashmobs in the instance. This puts quite a time pressure on me to be able to beat Shad'har before most of my NPCs vanish and he goes berserk...

I didn't do any more attempts after 11% since time was running out and I had another video I wanted to finish

3. Auto hit "one shot" without weapon

This combo was done while visually appearing "naked" however I still had certain items on me. I theorycrafted a way to obliterate people within just 2-3 seconds, stacking a huge amount of versa and other stats with void ritual and versatility proc from Corruption. The issue with this combo was that I needed to obtain both buffs in a short span of time since I used 2 different corruption sets.

It took too long to obtain both and then managing to find enemies and having them not react fast enough with defensives. I deemed the time spent would be better on other projects at the time!

4. Ashran Sidestrat Rush

This was done earlier in Shadowlands, in January. Ashran backdoor boss kills used to be more common back in the day, however, I decided that the way NPCs were scaled (and still is) would make this quite possible. I managed to convince the whole pug group to join me and we went behind the enemy base to infiltrate, then the boss fell quite quickly!

The biggest reason this is so doable is because NPCs in Ashran and Alterac Valley are REALLY underscaled these days, as well as the frontline buff granting melees 100% additional HP.

This is even more doable now since the cap of ppl in Ashran is 35 instead of 30, and people have obtained better gear!

5. Invisible Mage one Shot (classic)

This one-shot combo is a scary one, it is performed while invisible, which gives the enemy no time to react! It is built around adding as much instant damage as possible (this includes Crystal Charge and Goblin Mortar) as well as POM pyroblast, and precasting another spell (since invisibility doesn't get removed until the cast is finished)

I never ended up making anything out of it because of the same reason as the rogue one (I went on holiday) tho I had a lot of footage so perhaps I should have finished it while classic was current...

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5 Insane Never-Created Videos

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