People must ensure all endpoints’ efficiency and security to maintain trust, especially in this highly volatile market. You can check websites then Sign up here,  if you want a dedicated account manager for your bitcoin trading venture. The platform has features like high compatibility with all devices, a massive range of trading tools and many more. Ethereum designed its blockchain protocol because it was too complex for Bitcoin’s or even open-source platforms like ripple or Stellar’s blockchain protocols.

Ethereum wants to increase security and reduce transaction fees for those transactions in their platform by executing updates directly on the blockchain before making them immutable without risking hacking from outside sources such as a DDOS attack. A company or organization must pay for and maintain all the nodes required to run the network if they want to run their private blockchain network.

The more nodes available, the less chance there is of someone controlling most of them. The disadvantage of running your node is that you are responsible for its security and performance. On the other hand, blockchains like Cardano and NEO are created to be more flexible and less expensive to run but are not even close to ethereum in terms of credibility and market cap. They run on smart contracts rather than having a chain of nodes all running their version of the blockchain.

Blockchain is not a technology that replaces or is a substitute for cloud computing services, as many would have you believe. It’s simply another delivery mechanism for data that is much faster and cheaper than traditional data storage solutions (e.g., hierarchy-style file systems). Blockchain doesn’t replace databases. It’s a complementary technology that supports data exchange between parties in an efficient manner, which users can use to handle transactions and other business activities. Let’s explore why other blockchain models cannot outplace ethereum.

Market support:

Ethereum is only 2 years old, and since its inception, it has managed to make a place for itself in the market. It has become the most preferred platform among dApps entrepreneurs, supporting it with its expanding community of developers. Major companies are now using the ethereum blockchain to launch their ICOs. The hype behind ICOs is at an all-time high, and the ethereum blockchain will benefit from this development phase in the long run.

MNCs are using ethereum to test blockchain products and verify potential uses of blockchain in their businesses. And with that much interest, it’s hard to imagine any other blockchain challenging Ethereum’s dominance. Ethereum has enough backing to run its community and make decisions without being affected by external circumstances. The focus is innovation, not profit-making. So it makes business sense to put your money on the platform with higher chances of survival than other competitors still finding their feet in this niche industry.

Crypto investors:

Cryptocurrencies are nothing but a product for those who want to earn huge profits because they are genuinely decentralized and programmable money that people can accept in their day-to-day transactions. Despite its high price volatility and a growing number of competitors, ethereum remains the top choice for crypto investors.

It can again be attributed to the hype created around Ethereum with every ICO launching on it. Ethereum is still the most preferred platform for ICOs despite the new and upcoming platforms like EOS competing with their advanced features such as scalability, reliability and security.

Market cap:

Ethereum’s current market cap is more than double that of its nearest competitor (Bitcoin Cash). Supply-side factors like inflation rate, block reward halving, supply cap, etc., are vital in determining coin prices, and market caps have primarily driven by market demand.

The pumping and dumping strategy is not a viable option for ethereum because it doesn’t have a capped supply. Although the market cap is not showing any signs of slowing down, it’s still yet to reach the heights of Bitcoin Cash, Monero or Ethereum classic. Because of this, no other platform has been able to attack Ethereum’s dominance.

Cardano and NEO are trending in a good direction but are nowhere near Ethereum’s mining rate or market cap position. Cardano is already coupled with consortium partner IOHK, who is also building its innovative contract platform called Komodo, which ADA/KMD tokens will also power.


t contracts of ethereum are way powerful:

Smart contracts are what make Ethereum the preferred platform. It has exhibited its power through its ability to create certain economies which have been of paramount importance in businesses that require payments or management of resources. Furthermore, it is possible without relying on a third party like banks and big financial institutions, thus creating complete accountability over these business processes. The only essential missing factor that needs to be put in place is programmable money so anyone can execute that intelligent contracts.

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