Investment projects, or HYIPs, are a source of guaranteed income. Do you want to earn passive income? So, it’s time to start developing and launching such a platform. It is almost impossible to implement what you have planned on your own (especially if you are new to this topic). A team of professionals is needed to create and successfully promote HYIP. We tell you how to choose an executing agency.

What to pay attention to first of all

The launch of the project involves the creation of a concept and its implementation: from setting a task and drawing up a legend, design development, text, graphic and video content of the site to the settlement of technical nuances. Confidentiality, system protection, setting up a secure withdrawal of funds – these are just a small part of the tasks that fall on the shoulders of the team. An original approach to solving them directly affects the profitability of the site.

It would be possible to immediately recommend buying a HYIP, but we will tell you what to look for when choosing a contractor:

  1. Experience in developing investment projects. The bigger it is, the better. The above company has been engaged in this activity for more than 5 years, cases and reviews are published on the website.
  2. Deadlines. Time is money! Trust those who understand this and clearly indicate what and when they can do, and most importantly, adhere to deadlines.
  3. Number of successful cases. The performer is reliable if their number exceeds several dozen. Do not be lazy to study all available information before placing an order.
  4. Brief. Teams that take things seriously ask a lot of questions. If you are offered to fill out a huge questionnaire before starting cooperation and tell in detail about your expectations, budget and other nuances, then the agency is serious.
  5. Escort. Preparing and launching a HYIP is only half the battle. In order for the site to generate income, it needs to be promoted, regularly filled with interesting content, and communicate with contributors. Choose performers who work on a turnkey basis and offer support.

Prices for the implementation of HYIP projects start at $1990. Reputable agencies provide discounts to regular customers. It is unlikely that this factor will be decisive when choosing a contractor, but it will certainly please the customer.

What stages does the work on the project consist of?

Recall that good performers work both on a turnkey basis and perform spot tasks. The company can offer ready-made scripts, a business card website or a landing page, a hype online store, a system designed for network marketing, internal solutions (texts and videos, infographics, banners), technical support, administration, monitoring.

Whatever product the customer is interested in, the interaction scheme is as follows:

  1. Problem statement. The terms of reference are drawn up based on the goals of the client’s project.
  2. Content rendering by the designer. Unique design and intuitive navigation – that’s what professionals strive for.
  3. Customization and integration of site elements.
  4. Filling the site with content that is interesting for your target audience. Reputable agencies strive to make each product stand out from the competition.
  5. Connection of electronic payment systems. Convenient withdrawal of funds is one of the factors that increase the level of trust in HYIP.

You can start launching after the final agreement. You can be sure of the result if you see that the agency offers a non-trivial approach.

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