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What Is Crypto Tourism? Points To Consider Before Your Next Vacation

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Cryptocurrency growth is now penetrating across the different buinses domain. One of the unconventional application of this is in the tourism devison. Crypto Tourism is one of the most exciting developments in the favourite cryptocurrencies. It allows vacationers to experience a new country and benefit from lower costs simultaneously, but it’s not without some challenges.

In this detailed, informative article, we’ll help you know more about Crypto Tourism and how it can benefit your vacation plans, as well as some tips and tricks that could save you time and money along the way.

  1. Who Are Crypto Travelers?

Within the cryptocurrency community, some people travel as an educational experience. They explore different cultures, meet new people and discover opportunities for businesses and philanthropy. Understanding a country’s economic conditions or environmental challenges first-hand can inform a tourist about the realities of other parts of the world.

The most popular destinations for crypto tourists are those with cheap or dirty energy sources like coal, oil, gas, and nuclear power. Iceland is one such place that has been attracting visitors for years due to its comparatively cheap electricity from hydroelectric dams and geothermal power plants.

  1. Countries Accepting Crypto As Payment

Many countries have accepted cryptocurrencies as legal currencies or used them in some form. These countries can be visited using cryptocurrency as a means of payment for tourist attractions and various other businesses. Visitors may need to set up pre-approved exchanges with local vendors before arriving at their destination. Additional research is required for any country that intends to visit cryptocurrency-friendly destinations.

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Several countries have accepted cryptocurrencies as legal currencies or used them in some form. Japan and Australia are two such examples. Whilst Bitcoin isn’t legal tender in either country; merchants can accept payments for goods and services without being charged for tax evasion on account of using cryptocurrency.

The same holds for Singapore, although Singaporean regulations require that business owners register as money changers should they wish to handle cryptocurrency exchanges at their storefront. Austria also accepts Bitcoin as a means of payment for various goods and services, including travel packages, though authorities have not yet approved its status as an officially recognized currency.

  1. Where You Can Pay With Crypto While Traveling

Crypto tourists are on the rise, and whether it be booking travel or accommodations, it’s not too difficult finding many businesses that allow you to pay with cryptocurrency. Whether you’re looking for a hotel stay, a cruise, airfare, or even food while travelling; you can now book most of these services using crypto.

It’s never been easier to use cryptocurrency when travelling, thanks to the numerous options available for booking flights, hotels, and cruises without actually spending Bitcoin or Ethereum. Of course, it may not be as easy as scanning a QR code as you would with an ATM in a bar more on that later, but there are still many ways that people can spend their crypto coins on their next trip abroad.

  1. Safety Concerns In Countries That Accept Crypto As Payment

Foreign currencies are subject to high rates of inflation. Check with embassies or the US State Department for warnings and updates. -Check hotel occupancy costs and compare with daily Bitcoin exchange rates for a sense of whether it is cheaper or more expensive, then adjust accordingly.

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Avoid exchanging valuable fiat currency such as Euros, British Pounds, US Dollars, or Chinese Yuan for less valuable crypto. It is recommended that you exchange Litecoin due to its lower volatility. -When travelling internationally, be sure you have your phone set on aeroplane mode while abroad and away from Wi-Fi signals so that you don’t accidentally connect to a local signal.


For people wanting to get in on the newest trend in travel, crypto tourism is one of the best options available. This industry will only grow as more and more people use cryptocurrencies for purchases. In addition, with organizations like Bitcoin Adventures providing fully immersive crypto vacations, this field will only expand from here.

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