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What are the top 5 cryptocurrencies at present?

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In this era of digitalization, economy is also at par with the modern technologies, and this has led to the popularization of cryptocurrencies in the global market. More and more investors are looking to invest their money or store their assets in cryptos to keep them safe or use them for better turnover. Multiple Stocks Profit are available in the market, investors just have to explore them. Understanding cryptos and how they function is something that you can never avoid, to ensure that you are quite experienced about the digital currency market to invest safely. Stocks Profit

Top 5 cryptocurrencies in the market 

For better understanding and safer investment strategies, you need to explore the features of top cryptos at this moment in detail –

  1. Bitcoin

First among the lot Bitcoin or popularly known as BTC in the market started its journey way back in 2009, when Satoshi Nakamoto invented this digital currency. This is the most used crypto globally. Due to its flexibility, and multiple usage, investors, retailers, and individuals looking to store their wealth securely choose Bitcoin.

Also, Bitcoin is very limited for mining, and so the price remains on the higher side most of the time. Smart, and experienced investors make sure that they are using this feature in their favour, as the high demand of Bitcoin help to keep the price better. Being the top digital currency globally, a single Bitcoin value more than $7k at present, which is 10 times than the value of past ten years.

In an average, more than 17.1 million Bitcoins are in circulation and you can shine your luck if you take valuable advices from experts of Bitcoin Era to understand market, and invest for the best returns.

  1. Ethereum 
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Much smaller and used for decentralized applications, Ethereum is the first open-source blockchain that is available for mass use. Before this, all the blockchain applications were very restricted in themselves in terms of functioning within the applications. Vitalik Buterin invented this crypto for the developers particularly to ensure that they can create programmes on Blockchain.


Currently very much popular in the market, quite hyped for the experts is the crypto Ripple. Though the token price is quite low for Ripple coins, the number of coins in circulation is much higher, as of more than 40 billion in the global market. A US-based tech company, Ripple invented this crypto which is gross settlement process, remittance network, and currency exchange.

The open-source internet protocol is the base for this crypto currency. This also works with fiat currency as well. It is much in use for international digital payments, due to the low processing charges, and faster transactions..

This Crypto uses a special algorithm of consensus which is very effective as it allows the platforms to eliminate the faulty participators with consensus in a majority poll. This helps the crypto to avoid misuse or cyber threats. Ripple also provide excellent flexibility as a crypto and this is one of the reasons it is at number three at present in the market.

  1. Bitcoin Cash 

Due to the high demand and sky-high prices throughout the year, Bitcoin itself has come up with a solution. The most popular crypto went through a hard fork and invented Bitcoin Cash. The constant listing of backlog payments within Bitcoin, and filling up of blocks, and slowing the process of transactions within Bitcoin forced to start Bitcoin cash.

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The experts implemented segregated witness for this crypto currency. The total circulation is more than 17 million at this moment. It is doing good in the market now.

  1. EOS 

Another blockchain platform of digital currencies that is designed to develop decentralized applications. It might seem quite similar to Ethereum, but only they are similar in terms of functioning. Such cryptos are a boon for the developers, as they get an operating system with better opportunities and more to explore.

More than 896 million tokens of EOS are in circulation at this moment, and mostly developers are exploring this crypto for better technical support.

With all these information at your hand, you have to decide where you will invest and achieve your desired benefit. Make sure to contact and take support from professional experts for better opportunities.

















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