With the popularity of cryptocurrency, millions of people around the globe have invested billions of dollars into cryptocurrency on Official Trading software. While many people have managed to enjoy great profits, some have also struggled to keep their coins secure because of the rising cyber threats and security challenges.

For this reason, the cryptography world started issuing keys to the purchasers of cryptocurrency, such as a private key and public key.

So, if you want to understand the concept of private keys and more, we are sharing more details through this article!

What Is A Private Key?

To illustrate, a private key is defined as a password which is a string of numbers and letters that allow the cryptocurrency holders to manage and access their cryptocurrency funds without any security compromises.

Keep in mind that the private key is a personal aspect and cannot be shared with anyone. It wouldn’t be wrong that a private key is a password that unlocks your digital or virtual vault that holds all your cryptocurrency funds.

Having said that, if you keep the private key to yourself, the cryptocurrency funds will remain secure and can be managed from any corner of the world as long as you have an internet connection.

On the other hand, some cryptocurrency exchanges also offer public keys, which tend to work as email addresses, which can be shared with anyone, so you can receive and send the funds.

The Importance Of Private Keys

When it comes down to the system of private keys and public keys, it is safe to say that it’s one of the most prominent innovations that help secure digital assets and make it possible to make transactions.

To begin with, two of the biggest cryptocurrencies, Ethereum and Bitcoin, are decentralized cryptocurrencies which means there won’t be any intermediary or third-party bank to hold the cryptocurrency.

On the contrary, cryptocurrency funds are distributed across the computer network through a well-integrated technology, known as a blockchain.

Having said that, every cryptocurrency blockchain is open, which means the transaction-related information and public key will be up for everyone to check out.

As far as the formulation of a public key is concerned, it is generated through the private key, resulting in the development of matched pairs.

So, whenever a cryptocurrency holder makes a transaction through a public key, they need to verify the profile by adding the private key.

While it’s clear that everything will be open on the platform, it also remains anonymous as you don’t need to provide the address, name, or any other information for using or managing the cryptocurrency.

For instance, it is possible for everyone to observe the selling, using, and purchasing of Bitcoin; only a Bitcoin holder will be able to make transactions with the help of a private key.

The Right Place To Store The Private Key

It is pretty obvious that a private key is just like other passwords, and you need to store them properly to ensure the cryptocurrency funds are safe. Having said that, if you aren’t sure how to ensure proper storage of the private key, you can opt for the two following methods;

  • Online storage through cryptocurrency wallets – if you are someone looking for the simplest and best option for storing your private key, nothing works better than a virtual wallet. Various cryptocurrency exchanges offer crypto wallets for managing the private keys and are commonly termed as hot wallets. This is because the private keys are secured on the internet, which makes it easier for the holders to use, sell, and buy the digital money without compromising on accessibility and convenience (it works just as a credit card). For this purpose, it is important to use the wallet from a reputed company with an extensive track record of high-end features, such as two-factor authentication and other security features
  • Offline storage – various investors are fond of keeping the private keys on their computers or other devices that are not connected to the internet. Even more, you can store the private key on your diary or just memorize, but offline storage isn’t very convenient

The Bottom Line

Private keys are critical for every cryptocurrency holder to ensure their hard-earned investments are safe from the eyes of hackers. But hey, don’t forget to ensure proper storage of these keys!

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