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We have witnessed in the short time that the idea of ​​the creation of the Metaverses has arisen as Bitcoin Era, and this technological concept is taken by the hand to the point of being considered inseparable.

It carries out commercial operations within the METAVERSE; it is necessary to have a virtual financial system, where virtual currencies are the best tool.

There is where cryptocurrencies play a significant role since these virtual worlds are supposed to generate large amounts of money. That is why the payment method will be digital currencies.

These virtual currencies are recognized worldwide for being elements of the digital financial market, which is volatile since their prices vary rapidly according to the supply and demand.

While CRYPTOCURRENCIES have established themselves in the minds of many investors, on the other hand, the Metaverse proposal is increasingly popular.

Everyone wants to get involved in this new technological proposal that aims to offer many a new way of life but from a technical perspective, where everyday life is immersed in a 100% virtual environment.

This type of technical proposal aims to create an alliance and conjugation of two fundamental areas today, such as finance and technology, wherefrom the production of social events to academic preparation will be involved.

The computer base on which the Metaverses are developed is the Blockchain. This technological platform has demonstrated its qualities to be considered one of the safest and most reliable in managing and controlling finances.

It is where another of the aspects that unite cryptocurrencies with the Metaverse resides; both work under the same language, which allows them to advance in terms of development and application, thus reducing the time margins in the execution of activities and transactions.

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Everything that exists in the Metaverses is bought

Although it may be an absurd idea to purchase something that does not exist in real life but whose only support is technology, these will be the future investments; everything will remain in the trust and reputation that the platforms that promote goods and services may have Metaverse services.

This new concept of reality will be found from shoes to large land properties where cities or family homes can be built; everything is left to the user’s needs.

Currently, many companies from various sectors have placed their trust and capital in this new and ingenious proposal, from the fashion and design sector to financial entities such as banks that wish to invest and promote their products virtually.

These goods and services will be acquired through cryptocurrencies, which must be available in the users’ wallets. These, in turn, will carry out commercial operations as if they were doing it in real life, only digitally.

The Metaverses with the highest movement of digital currencies

Although there are currently only a few projects that can let us see what the Metaverse will be, it is expected that this concept will be fully realized in about 10 to 12 years.

The Metaverse is nothing more than a virtual reality space where people manage to interact through characters called avatars or virtual twins.

The beginnings of the Metaverse date back a long time; it could be said since the beginning of the internet, only with the advances in technology and the incorporation of the Blockchain together with cryptocurrencies and NFTs, it has taken a gigantic turn.

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It has allowed the generation of various market proposals where large corporations converge with novice users who hope to captivate new clients by positioning their brands and thus forming part of a new form of digital marketing.

The oldest metaverses are Second Life or Habbo. Still, suppose we refer to those currently generating the most money. In that case, they are Axie Infinity, which has reached the impressive amount of 100% caused by the metaverses, which corresponds to 89% of these profits.

This amount can reach almost 3,890 million dollars, a sum that is quite interesting for all those who hope to be part of the Metaverse that is in creation.

After Axie Infinity is the Sandbox, Decentraland, and possibly Somnium Space, the remaining 11% of the income generated by the Metaverses is distributed.


The technological age is present, and its only objective is to continue advancing. At the same time, more sectors will join, which will generate a new global digital economy.

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