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The grand project revolves around the metaverse is not a secret for everyone, which is now the environment for making purchases, performing jobs, and interacting with video games.A new surreal world derived from the trading site is currently being created, which will be based on the education and training of boys and girls called winkyVerse.

This new cybernetic plan was proposed by the startup Mainbot, which is one of its most ambitious projects, which will focus on bringing the little ones closer to robotics and engineering.

It is believed that it will be up and running by the beginning of next year. It will be based on blockchain security. It already has its token called WINKIES available for purchase on the various EXCHANGE PLATFORMS.

WinkyVerse is the first educational digital environment that uses six of the most innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotics, programming, augmented reality, blockchain, and video games, thanks to which this digital world is beautiful to interact and learn digitally.

The educational world through games

One of the significant advantages of this new educational and constructive virtual world is Winkyplay; this platform will provide an educational and productive perspective to students; it has educational games created by the recognized game and content publishers in the industry.

These games are based on diverse themes such as the study of new technologies and school subjects and, as additional, board games. Winkyplay is the core area of ​​the new mini metaverse and the Winky experience.

All those who interact within Winkyplay are not only limited to making use of the games contained therein; they also have the possibility of developing their games.

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Within this platform, the specified limit will be the creativity and imagination of each user since there is a preference for development without code, which provides inclusion and opportunities to beginners.

Strong backing from the mini metaverse

Winky has become a successful technological project and the most crowdfunded, receiving more than 236,000 Euros from more than 1,352 cooperators who booked a robot in advance.

Winky has been a boom that it is already on sale in the most prestigious and recognized French supermarket chains such as La Galeries Lafayette, Le Bon Marché, Fnac, and Boulanger.

One of the first organizations to put faith in this great project was the ÉcolePolytechnique, providing the first capital endowment, which was very pleasing and caught the attention of the investment sector.

This project includes free investors from JérômeBédier, representatives of the Carrefour Group, Mateo Romano and Philippe Tomazo, former directors of Universal Games and Mattel, and Bruno Maisonnier, developer of the Nao and Pepper robots for Soft by ank.

Invest trusted in winkies

The original token of this mini metaverse is the Winkies, which are available through an ICO, initial coin offering, which has been developing in three phases. In the first phase, all interested investors could acquire the token at the preferential value of 0.006 Euros per coin.

To obtain maximum benefits from this advantageous rate, the minimum entry of serious investment is 2,500 Euros. During this first phase, it is estimated that 600 million tokens will be sold, followed by a blockade for two months, which is called a cliff.

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The second phase will allow you to buy Winkies at 0.008 Euros, where the minimum investment must be 1,000 Euros, with a cliff of one month. Then, in the third and final phase, the token will cost 0.01 euros, where one billion tickets will be released to offer and sell.


The metaverse is a virtual possibility to experience a different lifestyle and get out of the routine; it also offers thousands of opportunities to obtain great benefits either financially or in learning and knowledge, as with this latest Winky virtual development.

Thanks to technology today, it is possible for human beings to grow and develop productively in other environments that provide better tools to create and achieve a better quality of life.

Cryptocurrencies linked to technology are a new and powerful alliance that has accepted the entire world population.

Increasingly, the cryptographic markets manage to achieve great credibility and a more significant number of investors who bet on the future of cryptocurrencies, which will become promising and prosperous in the long term, as experts and analysts who are constantly at the forefront make it known of the variations and changes that occur around the same.


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