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E-Commerce Blockchain Businesses Ideas

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Blockchain is an incredible technology to capitalize on as it offers an incredible pool of convenient services that was not possible a decade ago. An improved efficiency, less wastage, robust performance, problem detection, real-time solutions, blockchain is highly efficient in providing it all to companies across the world.

Every industry currently operating in the economy has greatly benefitted from blockchain, which is yet another reason why it is being talked about profusely in the mainstream media outlets. In this blog,  will attempt to highlight some of the predominant business ideas that can work wonders with the successful implementation of blockchain. E-commerce has thrived exponentially in the digital space and continues to deliver significant performance & services to millions of customers.

Take a look at some latest ideas that can change lives:

#1 Track customer loyalty in real-time  

It is undeniably a competitive game when we talk about brand loyalty. Millions of customers have uncountable options to choose their most preferred products or services today. This is done by brands all around the world through marketing campaigns, and new waves of innovation keep ushering in dynamic ways to do things.

Blockchain coupled with artificial intelligence will be capable of tracking the spending patterns of the customers. This will also enable the companies to cater to the subtle needs of customers with higher stakes. It is extremely important for a company to make constant efforts to keep their customers satisfied with state-of-the-art services.

#2 Loyalty Rewards 

Companies are evolving, and so are the customers. With the emergence of technology, it has become easier to manipulate each other. Brand comes up with intriguing & alluring offers to trick customers into falling into their premeditated strategies. Little did such brands know that customers are always a step ahead of their game. Nonetheless, blockchain will help such brands to get a grip on their market more easily by figuring out the customer’s taste & preferences. Loyalty programs will be way more effective with blockchain than they could have even been without it.

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#3 Advertising Space 

Artificial Intelligence is being heavily used today to predict the patterns that customers usually prefer to follow. Companies can leverage this technology to create spot-on ads for people who will be willing to buy their products & services.

#4 Luxury goods verification 

In an era where the duplication of almost any product is very easily possible, customers struggle hard to avail of authentic services. But, this nightmare won’t last long with the advent of blockchain because the new technology is able to detect any shortcomings that the products offered might have. The verification & authentication of the products doesn’t have to be a daunting task anymore. Customers will be able to get the information regarding the serial numbers, times, dates, & production description, etc., with just a click of a button.

#5 Shipments tracking 

Needless to say, that how behemoth of a task it used to be to track the shipments in the old days. Tracking the exact location amidst all the shipping facilities used to be the most daunting task that needed a serious restructuring. The nodes used by the blockchain network are being heavily used to ping the shipments easily. It allows you to receive fresh updates without any room for technical delay. Customers can track their shipment at any given time.

#6 Digital identity 

Let’s be honest here that millions of people have been the victim of identity theft & constantly fall into the booby-traps of hackers/scammers almost on daily basis. What does that tell you? It simply means that incumbent systems need to be made robust and give way to blockchain technology to put a leash on such attacks for good.

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It marks the beginning of digital identities that are a totally unique concept because they have their respective unique codes. Such unique codes are associated with the owners only and cannot be accessed by any miscreant lurking in the dark shadows of the digital realm. So, all said and done, blockchain has proved its efficiency time and again, which cannot be doubted any longer. Its serious implications in the industry can usher in the best results.


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