Currently, we are going through a state in which the blockchain environment is exponential, consisting of three main components: providers and beneficial applications, get more information on .

BLOCKCHAIN ​​providers are companies or organizations that provide services to other startups or businesses that wish to implement and use blockchain technology.

To this extent, all companies cannot generate end-to-end solutions; thanks to the great and wide range of use cases with the blockchain, further development is seen when solving a problem.

These suppliers can be identified depending on the type of buyer: a manufacturer of products using raw materials, maybe the supplier of a wholesaler and distributor, unlike the retailer, which is the supplier of the final consumers.

Starting from the above, small participants are studied and large ones, since together; they evolve the application area of ​​​​the blockchain by offering very particular and unparalleled solutions and tools.

How to choose a blockchain provider

We must bear in mind that selecting the indicated provider is not as easy as it is believed; when choosing the best blockchain provider for a business, we must make a checklist and be sure that the selected blockchain provider covers and meets the listing requirements.

In the checklists, fundamental aspects are highlighted that cannot be overlooked; in the same way, others do not merit an in-depth analysis but are usually verified.

It is not entirely feasible to get everything from a single blockchain provider. In conclusion, you should opt for a blockchain provider capable of understanding the weaknesses and providing solutions.

Most recognized blockchain providers

After understanding what a blockchain provider is, let’s focus on knowing a little about each of the most popular ones out there, which will give us a specific orientation of the offers available in the market.

  • IBM Blockchain; they are providers that have covered all the supply links employing the blockchain. This blockchain service offered is applied in a great diversity of uses and many industries; this provider covers more than 500 clients.
  • Amazon Web Services; stand out for its leadership and control of most of the industry. They offer leading web services, and at the same time, they are starting to provide their service in the blockchain sector.

This Amazon Blockchain service covers circular AWS Blockchain templates while also benefiting from the cloud platform. Additionally, this provider uses Ethereum as a user to use its platform.

This provider provides a suitable opportunity for companies to adopt and apply its blockchain solution. Its key advantages are faster implementation time and pay peruse.

  • Microsoft; Azure blockchain offers us a very effective and famous blockchain as a service solution, simplified growth, excellent and straightforward implementation, as well as a diversity of very accessible tools for change.

This Microsoft Azure market provides access to blockchain security platforms such as Ethereum and Corda; simultaneously, you can consult their architectures for solutions covering different architectural management in various uses.

The most outstanding aspects of the Azure blockchain are integrated consortium management, easy transactions and implementation of the blockchain network, and design accessible to expansion.

  • Oracle; its approach to blockchain has always been very particular, offering a blockchain platform that allows organizations to carry out B2B operations with precision and growth.

Oracle Blockchain will begin assembling and using the Hyperledger Fabric components provisionally systematized and seamlessly open-sourced to ensure simple plug-and-play joins, automated transactions, enterprise-grade programming, etc.

The critical aspects that the platform provides are easy provisioning, easy integration of the organization involved, the ability to create a generalized blockchain platform and with hybrid networks.


Blockchain providers allow us to implement state-of-the-art technology, which offers endless benefits to businesses that operate with cryptography and work with the leading CRYPTOCURRENCIES on the market, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Solana.

Blockchain technology provides its users with security, backup and rapid when making transactions with digital currencies, implementing smart contracts, and many more operations that guarantee profit and profitability.

Although digital currencies are risky, the blockchain allows its users to carry out safe operations where the invested capital and returns are protected.

Verifying the operations generates tremendous confidence in its users since there is no intermediary; only the participants will have access to the procedures.


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