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Best cryptocurrencies to hold in the coming decade

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The best cryptocurrencies to buy today are the ones you’ll be able to afford in a decade, when they’re likely to be worth a great deal more. has already experienced an incredible upward trajectory, and it is only going to continue rising. Ethereum has become the darling of the cryptocurrency community, and it is also considerably undervalued. And while Ripple has struggled, it could still be a great investment for those looking for a stable currency that doesn’t have much volatility. So no matter what your preferences are—whether you’re interested in holding bitcoins for the long term or you want to invest in another coin with a bright future—you should have a good idea of which cryptocurrencies might serve you best throughout the next 10 or 20 years.

  1. Bitcoin

Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency to hit the scene and still considered the most valuable (and most used) altcoin in existence, is a tech that is still being tested. Some of its underlying technology may not be able to be duplicated or even improved upon right now, but if it can be, then it’s likely that the next big coin will be based on another variation of this tech. Ethereum is an entirely new blockchain-based platform that uses smart contracts (a general concept of programming and scripting code) to provide greater security for users without sacrificing efficiency or cost. As such, it’s a more efficient method of running applications than the original Bitcoin model and has more flexibility for developers to create new forms of digital currency and services. The Ripple platform allows users to send funds anywhere in the world quickly and cheaply—and more securely than ever before.

  1. Dogecoin
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Dogecoins serve as a kind of digital currency that has been coined from an internet meme. It offers users a way to buy merchandise without having to pay all the credit card fees associated with online purchases; however, due to its popularity among internet users, it’s also suffered from high inflation and has been called “joke currency” by some.

Dogecoin is essentially a joke coin like Doritos or Mountain Dew. But within one month, Dogecoin became so popular with people around the world that they were able to raise over $30 million dollars for charity through the use of this coin alone—that’s over 10 times more than any other charity received from digital currencies! And many people have said that since its creation in 2013, DOGE has been one of the most profitable investments overall because people have been buying it for profit and literally flipping it for profit.

  1. Ethereum

Ethereum is similar to bitcoin in that it relies on blockchain technology where transactions are recorded on a public ledger. However, unlike bitcoin which only serves as a form of payment, ethereum allows users to create smart contracts and host them on the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). This allows developers to build decentralized applications based on ethereum. Additionally, it allows developers to create their own cryptocurrencies using ERC-20 tokens (a standard set of rules for creating cryptocurrency tokens). Ethereum is a rising star with a smart contract platform that goes beyond Bitcoin. It’s currently one of the top 3 cryptocurrencies, and by the next ten years it will be the main competitor.

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The way ahead

Bitcoin has been the most steady performer in the top cryptocurrencies since it created its own category, and the price of this digital currency is still growing in line with the overall market. It has a very high level of liquidity, which means that when you put BTC into an exchange to buy other cryptocurrencies, you can be confident that it will sell at a price that is reasonable for all parties involved. Unlike other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Bitcoin does not have its own ecosystem. This means that Bitcoin transactions rely on the infrastructure of a third party that manages the network. The Bitcoin network itself is secure and incorruptible, but users must trust the companies who are responsible for maintaining and giving security, which could potentially be compromised at any time. This could make it difficult to get money out of BTC (e.g., if your exchange were hacked) and into a more stable currency. However, this shouldn’t stop you from investing in this cryptocurrency because new Bitcoin startups are being launched on a regular basis, making it more likely that you will gain access to a developing technology in the future.

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