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Macron slapper ID’d as far right follower, Middle Ages enthusiast

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Two 28-year old men have been arrested following the incident.

Martial arts, the Middle Ages, Japanese pop culture and far-right influencers are among the interests of the 28-year old who slapped French president Macron during a high school visit on Tuesday, according to French media reports. The assailant, identified as Damien T., has since been taken into custody along with another 28-year-old man, Arthur C. Le Monde reports.

During the slap, the man shouted “Montjoie! Saint Denis! A bas la Macronie!” (Montjoie! Saint Denis! Down with Macronland), a royalist phrase inspired by a 12th century Kingdom of France war cry. “Montjoie, Saint-Denis” is a reference to Charlemagne’s banner, which French kings of old took to battle. Damien T. appears to be a Middle Ages enthusiast, with social media accounts following both royalist pages and those relating to medieval and fantasy universes. The slapper also practices the modern Japanese martial art kendo, as well as historical European martial arts, which he teaches.

Damien T.’s Facebook and Instagram accounts show a fascination with far-right influencers, following a variety of accounts but rarely posting political content. Le Parisien describes the profile of the suspect as “ideological mush”, citing a “source close to the matter”.

Neither Damien T. nor the second man were known to the police. A search of their homes following the arrests has found weapons and a copy of Mein Kampf at the second man’s house, according to multiple outlets. Le Parisien reports the weapons were legally owned.

The slap took place in the small southeastern town of Tain l’Hermitage, as part of the second stage of Macron’s whistle-stop tour of the country.

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