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Zoey 101 Star Alexa Nikolas Posts in Tears ‘Reading More Cruel Lies’ Following Jamie Lynn Spears Slam

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Jamie Lynn’s former Nickelodeon co-star captions an image of her with tear-filled eyes, “This is what lying and bullying continues to do to others.”
Jamie Lynn Spears may be hoping to take her very public feud with big sister Bri…

Jamie Lynn's former Nickelodeon co-star captions an image of her with tear-filled eyes, "This is what lying and bullying continues to do to others."

Jamie Lynn Spears may be hoping to take her very public feud with big sister Britney private, as reported by TMZ, despite her upcoming memoir "Things I Should Have Said" being very public, but there is another feud out there.

Alexa Nikolas spoke out on Friday via Instagram about her characterization in Spears' book, alleging that her former "Zoey 101" co-star was "lying up a storm" in her new book. She accused Spears of being a "bully" and wrote that she both played the victim card and was gaslighting people "while straight up lying."

The following day, though, Nikolas was clearly still processing everything, sharing a raw and unfiltered picture of herself to her page on Saturday night while explaining that she's trying to show "what lying and bullying continues to do to others."

"One minute you are able to laugh it off and then the next moment you are crying endlessly about it," she wrote. "Especially as you keep getting triggered by more hurtful words revealed about you from the person who wounded you deeply as a child."

She said that despite wanting to be able to move on and get past these feelings, "healing is not linear." Instead, "it's hard. Really f------ hard."

Without going into specific details as to what was said (or written), Nikolas said that she was struggling with "reading more cruel lies," saying that it broke her down. "It's not fair. It's just not," she concluded her thoughts. "I'm just here processing it all. Goodnight."

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Nikolas famously left Nickelodeon's "Zoey 101" after the second season back in 2006, with a variety of reasons being presented over the years as to why, including her own allegations that she'd been bullied by Spears.

According to some alleged excerpts from Spears' upcoming book that made their way on to social media, Spears claims it had in part had to do with Nikolas feeling "left out" when Spears and Kristin Herrera became close on set.

According to the excerpts, Spears says that late into filming the first season, rumors about her began to spread accusing her of being "mean or bitchy," rumors she was told came from Alexa.

Spears does caveat the account by saying she also felt "a few people on the set" were trying to cause drama between the two actresses -- and said someone could have been "feeding her lies that instigated the problems we experienced."

"I began to suspect that she was interested in having me thrown off the show in the hopes they could make Alexa the star," Spears added -- before saying her sister actually confronted Alexa at one point, telling Nikolas she "wouldn't keep jobs if she continued to treat people" the way she allegedly treated Jamie Lynn.

Alexa left the show after the second season and later spoke out about being bullied on set -- with Jamie writing that "her claims seemed designed to garner attention once her fame had waned."

"She never addressed anything that she mentioned in the book to me personally because she knows everything she is saying is a total lie and I would have called her out on that," Nikolas posted on Friday in response to the alleged excerpts. "It's sad to see someone not change after all these years."

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"Nothing that she said in her book about me actually happened. I wish I could go back in time and tell my 12 year old self that you are actually extremely lucky to not have a friend like her," she added. "You are way better off without her. You don't need toxic people in your life like that and you deserve better."

Inexplicably, Spears liked that post from Nikolas, and her like remains on it. She has not yet publicly responded to any of Nikolas' comments, nor has she liked the latest one. TooFab has reached out to Jamie Lynn's reps and publisher for comment.

"Things I Should Have Said" drops January 18.

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