An iconic collaboration. Netflix’s film Do Revenge brings viewers in with its fascinating plot — and its star-studded cast.

Before the movie was released in September 2022, director Jennifer Kaytin Robinson weighed in on how the epic casting came together.

“We joke that they are, like, the young Hollywood Avengers,” the screenwriter told Elle two months prior. “They call themselves The Revengers, which we love. They just are all really talented. And they were the best people for these parts.”

Do Revenge explores the events that occur after popular girl Drea (Camila Mendes) forms a connection with transfer student Eleanor (Maya Hawke). Drea wants to get back at her boyfriend for leaking her sex tape, while Eleanor wants revenge on a girl who outed her. The twosome decide to help one another out by seeking vengeance on one other’s bullies.

Robinson and cowriter Celeste Ballard didn’t have any specific actors in mind as they were bringing their leading duo to life. “I will say, in Camila’s tape, I paused it at about maybe five seconds in, picked up the phone and called [producers] Peter Cron and Anthony Bregman and said, ‘We have Drea.’ It’s Camila,” she recalled. “I literally didn’t even finish. I watched her say, like, four lines and I was like, ‘And that’s it.’ And I started crying.”

The writing partners ran into some issues when trying to bring Hawke aboard for the role of Eleanor.

“It had to be Maya. And so, the movie was supposed to take place in Los Angeles. We moved it and shot it in Atlanta so we could shoot it at the same time as Stranger Things. And I rewrote it and reset it in Miami,” the Thor: Love and Thunder writer explained about working around Hawke’s schedule. “They were so perfect that we legit moved the production.”

Robinson continued: “Because if we waited for Maya after Stranger Things, we would’ve lost Cami. And if we had Cami in L.A., we wouldn’t have Maya. I was like, ‘Nope, it has to be both of them.’ So we moved the whole movie six weeks before production.”

The Florida native also praised Sophie Turner for her hilarious surprise appearance in the satirical comedy. “She’s so funny, she really went for it, she committed like no other, and to me, what a dream,” Robinson added. “I never thought she would say yes to this and she did. And I’m so grateful to have her screaming at Camila Mendes. Not to toot my own horn, but that’s iconic.”

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Source: Us Weekly