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Virgo—Your April 2022 Horoscope Could Reveal Your Soul Mate

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Prepare for love at first sight. 👁

Embrace delayed gratification this month, because your Virgo April 2022 horoscope begins with a chance to make some powerful investments. As a new moon in Aries rises in your eighth house of shared resources on April 1, you’re embracing the process of transformation as you let go of one dream in favor of another. However as the sun joins forces with Chiron, you may feel more afraid of embracing change than ever. Keep in mind that nothing lasts forever (and that’s what makes it so beautiful)!

By April 4, however, you may feel tired and bored of the process. As Mars and Saturn form a conjunction in Aquarius, you might even feel the clock ticking as you trudge through your tasks feeling uninspired every step of the way. However, now’s not the time to force yourself through the muck, but to take a rest whenever you need it. Conserve your energy, because it’s precious and deserves to be spent with that in mind!

By April 12, you may receive a helping hand that changes everything. As Jupiter joins forces with Neptune in Pisces, it will open your heart to the love, loyalty and commitment you’re searching for! However, most of all, you’re learning how to dissipate the boundaries that have been needlessly placed between you.

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Connect with all the things you need as you let go of the rest, because on April 16, a full moon in Libra will rush through your second house of money, bringing you insight into how to satisfy your needs from the ground up.

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As Venus joins forces with Neptune on April 27, your relationships will embrace a warm, loving and downright magical energy. Anything is possible, especially if you have someone loving on your side! Dance through the vibrations of your shared love and remain open to the way you change each other.

When a solar eclipse in Taurus dawns in your ninth house of expansion on April 30, you may find yourself being whisked away on your next adventure! Embrace the wind and where it moves your sails because you’re being guided on a journey of self-discovery. Prepare to soon see things *very* differently.

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