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TikTok & PopSockets Teamed Up To Create The Perfect Phone Tripod

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Going viral just got a *little* bit easier.

I don’t know how it happened, but somehow, I became obsessed with making TikToks. At first I was just a casual viewer, only going to the app when someone I followed on Instagram claimed to have posted something worth watching. Then, I entered Phase Two of my TikTok obsession, which consisted of late nights spent doom-scrolling for hours on end. Finally, my obsession reached its final form: I thought, hey, maybe I should be making these things myself! I’ve done pretty well so far, but now that I have the PopMount 2 Flex in my life, it’s about to get a whole lot easier.

I’ve been a PopSockets user for ages, but recently, I took mine off of my favorite phone case. I was using an older iPhone tripod to record certain shots for my TikTok daily vlogs (which, in the name of self-promo, you should absolutely check out) and my PopGrip kept getting in the way. Still, my phone felt sort of naked without it, so when I heard PopSockets was teaming up with TikTok to create an official PopGrip-friendly phone mount, I was embarrassingly excited.

Behold, the PopMount 2 Flex in all its glory. For just $25, this baby will change the way you film your TikToks and self-time your photos for Instagram. I’m serious! I’m always lugging around a larger tripod or attempting to balance my phone dangerously on a ledge for the perfect angle. But no more! This TikTok-approved mount is designed with content creators in mind, with flexible arms that help it attach itself to almost anything.

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STYLECASTER | PopMount 2 Flex TikTok

Courtesy of PopSockets.

If you want, you can keep the arms straight and use it as a mount or standard phone tripod. Or, you can bend the arms and wrap them around a pole, chair, doorknob—you name it! Your options for angles just became limitless. Atop the mount is a head designed to accommodate any and all PopGrips, so you can enjoy using your PopGrip as usual and then pop it out and place it in when it’s time to film.

Oh, and I almost forgot my favorite part! Because it’s so flexible, you can just bend it up when you’re done and throw it in your bag. I always have to overthink what purse I’m carrying when I want to shoot my own photos, so knowing this baby will fit in most makes me love it even more.

STYLECASTER | PopMount 2 Flex TikTok

Courtesy of Nava Rose/PopSockets.

To prove just how good this phone tripod really is, Popsockets and TikTok tapped three trending creators to put it to the test. @the.navarose, @micahcow and @jackpembrook all gave the PopMount 2 Flex their seal of approval—and if you’ve seen their content, you know that’s a pretty big deal. All three create different kinds of videos and each was able to use the new phone mount to their advantage.

Bottom line: Is this an absolute necessity? No, of course not. But will it make filming TikToks and taking solo photos a heck of a lot easier? Yes, it really will. If you’re already well into Phase Three of your TikTok obsession and love creating your own content, I can’t recommend this bendy little tool enough.

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