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Eye gels that provide anti-aging results in real time are all the rage lately (even J.Lo approves of this one)—and for good reason. Though the effects may be temporary, these kinds of products are a viable alternative to botox, especially for those who aren’t quite ready to commit to the real thing. Plus, who doesn’t love to see fine lines tighten and puffiness erased within seconds of application? 

Per plenty of five-star reviews, Westmore Beauty’s 60-Second Eye Effects Tinted Firming Gel is no joke. The fast-acting formula claims to offer major benefits the minute it touches your skin: It visibly firms, de-puffs, color corrects and brightens darkness, all while leaving behind a second-skin finish. While the results won’t last forever, you can confidently apply the gel in the morning and see the tightening effects remain throughout the day, sans any product cracking or flaking off. 

Westmore Beauty Eye Gel

Westmore Beauty

60-Second Eye Effects Gel

To properly unlock the gel’s full potential, the brand recommends gently patting it into the skin underneath your eyes, beginning at the inner corner and moving outward, particularly focusing on areas of concern. The product must “rest for a full 60 seconds” while it’s drying down, and a temporary tightening feeling may occur, meaning the formula is working its magic. 

But what makes these changes possible? The brand’s exclusive Flex Tensor Technology is primarily responsible. Described as a flexible matrix with micro-fillers, it’s basically like a booster shot for your skin. It’s joined by popular anti-aging ingredients like vitamin E, retinol and hyaluronic acid, which may in fact help with longer-term skin goals. 

While you could certainly still have your doubts about the gel’s ability to provide visible results that fast, the shopper reviews don’t lie. 

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“I have tried every single product on the market claiming to reduce bags, lines, puffiness, etc.,” wrote one. “This product is beyond excellent!  I have to look twice in the mirror to make certain that it’s me. Unbelievable, unbelievable difference. I definitely look younger and have lost that ‘tired eye’ look. Thank you so much for finally affording women and men an outstanding product that delivers!”

Fans have even found the eye gel delivers benefits to other areas of the face, too. “I even use it on my smile lines. I put it on before my base and you could never tell,” said a second. 

If you’re after quick and temporary anti-aging sorcery, Westmore Beauty’s 60-Second Eye Effects Tinted Firming Gel is worth a shot. After you’re hooked, sign up for the subscribe & save option to unlock a 40 percent discount with every order.

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