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This Brand-New Eye Gel Uses Caffeine to Get Rid of Puffiness—& It Seriously Works

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It’s like a cup of coffee for your skin.

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There’s nothing worse than waking up in the morning, looking in the mirror and realizing that you could very well be mistaken for the Crypt Keeper while walking on the street. Scooby Doo fans, you know who I’m talking about. See, I’d love to check myself out in the a.m. and see nothing but glowing skin, but more often than not—whether it’s because of not enough sleep or too many margaritas the night before—I wake up with pretty massive under-eye bags and puffiness that a cumulonimbus cloud would be impressed with. Luckily, there’s a new under-eye product I’ve been using that somehow takes me from children’s cartoon villain to functioning adult woman in just a few minutes.

I owe my no-longer puffy, no-longer spooky under eyes to Korres and its Greek Yoghurt Wide Awake Gel. The new product is unlike any under-eye treatment I’ve used, since it doesn’t come in the form of a serum or cream, but a gel that’s applied with a roller ball. Think about those perfume samples you can roll onto your skin and that’s exactly how you use this treatment gel. At first, I was a bit confused about how this would work. Would I need to roll it around on my face for an hour to get the product out? What if the rollerball got stuck? But, after a few uses, my worries were put to bed.

See, the rollerball design is actually as game-changing for under-eye puffiness as the ingredients it applies. The round applicator is cool to touch and functions like a gua sha or face sculptor since you’re rolling it upwards onto your skin. The cooling sensation helps soothe my puffy skin and bring it down a notch, while also providing a mini spa moment. Nothing says luxe quite like a nice icy eye treatment.

Korres Greek Yoghurt Wide Awake Gel

Image: Korres.

I first tested this out on a Monday morning, aka the day I need something like this the most. I woke up feeling drained and immediately noticed my puffy, dark under-eyes. After gently rolling the treatment under my eyes from one corner to the next about three times each, I planned to come back and look for results in an hour. It wasn’t more than five minutes until I started to feel a difference, though. My puffy skin felt less heavy and my under eyes felt lighter. So, I did what anyone else would do and sprinted to the mirror.

I was shocked at how my skin looked. It was noticeably less puffy and the dark bags under my eyes were wiped away. It was truly an instant-acting treatment. I credit the cooling applicator and the unique formula for this.

The two star ingredients of the show are greek yogurt and caffeine—two absolute skin-savers. As yummy as greek yogurt is to consume as a meal, it’s just as delicious for your skin. The creamy food is packed with probiotics that help heal acne marks and dark spots, while also brightening the overall appearance. What’s more, the hydration it provides helps decrease the look of fine lines and wrinkles, since your skin becomes soft and supple after application.

Onto caffeine, my favorite part. I love a good cup of coffee in the morning, and this eye gel is exactly that for my skin. Caffeine is a de-puffing skin agent that soothes down inflammation, brightens dark spots and protects from harmful free radicals and UV rays. According to the Cleveland Clinic, caffeine-infused skin care can help with microcirculation, “which constricts the blood vessels and helps temporarily reduce discoloration in the skin.” Essentially, it erases away dark circles.

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This is something I reach for every morning (you can also use it at night) for a refresh. When I use this gel, it’s like a reset and helps me start a new day feeling refreshed and excited. It not only helps me look awake but feel awake. Try feeling tired while doing a cooling under-eye treatment. You can’t.

If you’re somebody who, like me, grew accustomed to waking up looking a little rough around the edges thanks to puffiness or dark circles, I’d recommend this in a heartbeat. It’ll become as much a staple to your morning routine as your cup of coffee.

Oh, and before I go, let me point you to a few more greek yogurt products that will revolutionize your skincare routine.

Greek Yoghurt Foaming Cream Cleanser

Courtesy of Korres.

Greek Yoghurt Foaming Cream Cleanser

There’s nothing worse than a cleanser that strips away all of your skin’s essential oils and hydration. This Greek yogurt cleanser purifies your skin without leaving it dry and dull. The cream cleanser gets all of the gunk and grime from out of your pores while also reducing redness and removing makeup. You’ve gotta love a formula rich with pro- and pre-biotics.

Greek Yoghurt Probiotic SuperDose Face Mask

Courtesy of Korres.

Greek Yoghurt Probiotic SuperDose Face Mask

If your skin needs a reset, this probiotic mask will be your go-to. It provides deep hydration that not only replenishes the feel of skin but also the look of it. According to a consumer study, 97 percent of users saw softer, smoother, more hydrated skin after just one use. Put it on for 10-15 minutes and once rinsed off, you’ll see nothing but a glowing face.

Greek Yoghurt Nourishing Probiotic Gel-Cream

Courtesy of Korres.

Greek Yoghurt Nourishing Probiotic Gel-Cream

Ditch your moisturizer that’s done nothing but pill for this nourishing gel cream that’s enriched with probiotics. Along with greek yogurt, the formula includes calendula, an anti-inflammatory plant known for its soothing and hydrating capabilities, as well as sweet almond oil, which is filled with vitamin E and fatty acids that deeply hydrate and calm skin.

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