If things haven’t been going your way lately, hang in there! The next couple of days will bring you a much-needed refresh and three lucky zodiac signs will have the best week from September 19 to 25. In addition to kicking off this year’s whimsical fall equinox, the sun’s shift into harmony-seeking Libra later in the week will present you with a new backdrop of energies. *New season, who dis?*

This week begins on a kind and productive note, as the moon in Cancer harmonizes with Venus in devoted Virgo on September 19. If you’re feeling intuitively guided to reach out to a close friend, or perhaps lend your family member a hand, don’t hesitate to do so. This sweet synergy is also great for a hands-on cooking sesh, so throw out the recipe and start cooking freestyle! Making dinner plans? The moon’s ingress into celebratory Leo the following day is the epitome of divine timing, especially for those of you feeling crafty in the kitchen. Invite some family and friends over for some quality time (and quality bites).

That same day, Venus will form an experimental trine with freedom-loving Uranus which is injecting the dynamic of your day with a bit of shock value. You may feel this electricity surging through your relationships, your finances and your overall mood. Spontaneity and unexpected events are likely. Are you ready to ring in the most alluring season of the year? This year’s fall equinox will take place on September 22,—upon the sun’s debut in Libra at exactly 9:04 p.m. ET, so grab your pumpkin spice and get cozy!

The week comes to a close with a charming new moon in Libra, so cheers to cuffing season along with the delicious fall weather that’s waiting for us over the horizon. If your sun sign and/or rising sign happens to fall under any of the below zodiac signs, here’s why you should look forward to the week ahead:

These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Have The Best Week

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There’s no better feeling than getting all your tasks done. You could feel inspired to be more productive at the start of the week, but once the moon enters Leo on September 20, it will be time to let loose! Whether you’re attending a fun-filled celebration for your bestie’s birthday party or a social gathering where you’re bound to run into your snazzy crush, one thing’s for sure—you’re hogging the spotlight. Btw, if you are indeed looking for Mr. or Ms. Right, an eclectic Venus-Uranus trine will spice things up, perhaps unexpectedly so.

On September 21, the moon in Leo will dance with lucky Jupiter in Aries, which will make you feel larger than life. To say you’re feeling unapologetically bold would be an understatement, but as Mars in Gemini shakes up your third house of communication, you’re taking things a step even further. As always, think before you start rambling, but by all means, use your words. You’re a confident, witty and mentally stimulating person to be around (especially right now), and because Libra season will light up your relationship sector starting September 22, you’re making so many new connections.

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Slip into something more comfortable! The week is off to a pleasant start for you as the sentimental Cancer moon forms a sweet sextile to your planetary ruler, Venus, which will increase your desire to socialize. The best part? Romantic Venus is currently dazzling your fifth house of love, passion, pleasure and self-expression which is increasing the likelihood of you spending quality time with someone who’s snagged your heart. However, you might prefer to opt for some long-overdue *me time* where you can indulge your own hobbies and partake in rituals of self-love.

The following day, Venus will connect with experimental Uranus in Taurus, which is when things are bound to get interesting. Surprises and unexpected breakthroughs are likely under this spontaneous synergy, namely when it pertains to matters of love, romance and celebration. On another note, and with the moon glimmering through flamboyant Leo, some of you may catch others off guard with an impromptu makeover, and/or brand revamp. Moreover, if it’s not an unexpected change of heart in the love department, some of you may opt for creating your very own NFT in hopes of earning some passive income.

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Don’t get it twisted, Cancer: you’ve got a tough shell, but there’s nothing you revel in more than a wholesome heart-to-heart. Be it romantic or platonic, the moon in Taurus will form a *hopelessly devoted* sextile to Venus on September 19, encouraging you to open your heart and get some stuff off your chest.

However, when on Venus links up with spontaneous Uranus in your 11th house of society, friendship and individual freedom on September 20, you may receive some exciting news. Waiting to hear back about a job promotion? The moon—which is your ruling planet—will be moving through your second house of money and stability on September 21, which speaks to a possible income increase as it forms a trine with lucky Jupiter in your career sector. It’s time to take the lead on your next professional venture!

Just in time for the fall, the new moon in Libra will bring magic to your cozy fourth house of home, giving you means and the muse to adorn your home sweet home with some aesthetically pleasing decor.​​ Make yourself at home, sweet Cancer!

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