After last week’s sleepy new moon in Libra, the energy will slowly but surely start to pick back up. In the meantime, how’s cuffing season going for you? Not gonna lie, this time of year is enough to make anyone feel smitten, but three lucky zodiac signs will have the best week from September 26 to October 2. Btw, speaking of “cuffing season,” the planet of love will really start working its magic around midweek, but you have even more to look forward to than that.

Looking for some much-needed closure from that ex? Maybe you’re waiting for a pending payment to finally process. On September 26, Mercury retrograde will join forces with Venus in Virgo which will, in turn, bring forth the opportunity to revisit, reconsider and/or reconcile, whether it be personally or professionally speaking. Venus will also harmonize with Pluto retrograde, adding a layer of intensity and passion to this area of our lives. This synergy could be equally as empowering as it is transformative, so be sure to harness it wisely.

On September 27, Mercury retrograde will form a trine with Pluto retrograde, deepening your investigative instincts. If you’re seeking answers on something in particular, this is your moment of truth. Also, multitasking Mars in Gemini will connect with disciplined Saturn retrograde the following day, which continues to bring clarity and perspective, so pay attention to the dynamic of your exchanges. Some of you may use this insight for future goals, and professional collaborations. Work opportunities could come back around, but with a twist!

Love will fill the air on September 29 when Venus returns to its harmony-seeking sign of rulership, Libra. Grab your Clueless feather pen and pencil in this sweet transit! Just in time for the fall season, Venus’ ingress into charming Libra is all the more reason to clink glasses with your best pals and fall in love whenever you can. Last but certainly not least, the highlight of the week is Mercury retrograde coming to an end on October 2 (obviously).

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One retrograde planet down, five more to go! If your sun sign and/or rising sign happens to fall under any of the below zodiac signs, here’s why you should look forward to the week ahead:

These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Have The Best Week

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Mercury direct can’t come soon enough, but you’re in luck this week, Gemini. However, before your clever messenger planet’s done with the retrograde mayhem, you’ve got some other interesting energies that are working in your favor. For instance, while sizzling through your sign, go-getter Mars will harmonize with Saturn retrograde on September 28, and this can be the moment of enlightenment you’ve been longing for. Be it with regards to your professional pursuits or your plans for travel, this intellectual synergy is bringing forth clarity and momentum.

Then on September 29, after nesting through your domestic fourth house of home, charming Venus will sashay into its sign of rulership, Libra, and your flirtatious fifth house of romantic rendezvous, creative musings and self-expression. Crushing on someone? Single or already smitten, there’s never been a better time to explore your romantic desires, and unique love language. As if this weren’t enough, Mercury stations direct the following day, so yeah. Go live your best life.

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You’ve got some work to do this week, but thrive when you’re productive. For instance, before your celestial ruler, Mercury, stations direct at the end of the week—which is a big plus—it will join forces with Venus in your sign on September 26. Is there something you need to get off your chest? Whether it be with regards to your personal and/or professional life, this sweet synergy—devoted and dazzling—is here to either help you make amends with someone, or perhaps snag an opportunity that’s been lingering in the back burner.

Then on September 28, while energizing your sophisticated 10th house of authority, career and reputation in the world, Mars will link up with structured Saturn—via your responsible sixth house of due diligence—in a productive trine. Do you need to get the ball rolling with a professional venture? This will definitely help you move things along, even if it’s little by little. The best part? Venus will make its dazzling debut in Libra, and your stability-seeking second house of comfort, finances and value systems on October 1. Cha-ching! Bougie dinner on you?

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If things feel hectic at the start of the week, it more than likely has to do with a mindset that’s no longer serving you. So, the sooner you make peace with something, the sooner you get to indulge in the upcoming transits. For instance, red-hot Mars will connect with Saturn on September 28 which, in turn, lights up your adventurous ninth house of worldly pursuits, and passionate fifth house of love, pleasure and self-expression. Be it a blog, media opportunity or a long-overdue getaway, you’re gaining clarity and making moves under this breezy transit.

Tada! Guess who’s back? Lady Venus—your dazzling planetary ruler—will pirouette into your sign on October 1, and adorn everything from your auric field to your daily backdrop with sweetness. So, on top of it being your solar season, where your sparkle under the sun’s charismatic rays, Venus’ charm and irresistible lure will surround you with abundance. Take that snazzy selfie and put your favorite party dress on. You’re the life of the party (and you’re feeling yourself too)!

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