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The Full Moon In Sagittarius On May 26 Signifies Some Major Changes

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It’s also a lunar eclipse!

Eclipse season starts off with a bang when the Full Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius peaks on May 26! It will be a time for revelations, epiphanies and endingsespecially in regards to our belief systems, sense of freedom and desires to expand. Change is coming; are you ready?

You read that right—we’re officially entering into eclipse season! An eclipse is like a super-charged moon, in that they only happen when the plane of the earth’s orbit around the sun passes the plane of the moon’s orbit around the earth. This creates an eclipse season where the sun, moon and earth line up either shadowing the sun (creating a new moon) or shadowing the moon (creating a full moon).

These shadows and the blocking of light was what caused many of the ancients to proclaim eclipses to signal monumental shifts on an individual or collective level. Fortunately, eclipse seasons only last a couple of weeks, generally come in pairs and occur just twice a year. This eclipse season will bring a Full Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius on May 26 and a New Moon Eclipse in Gemini on June 10. After that, we get another six months eclipse-free.

The Super Flower Blood Full Moon Eclipse (say that five times fast!) on May 26 will push us to explore new heights in our individual journeys towards personal freedom. Aptly named for the timing of this full moon, when the flowers are blooming abundantly, this eclipse will show us the fruits of our labor achieved since the December 14 New Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius last year. Ask yourself: What intentions did you set back then? If your intentions are in the works, then you might find your dreams finally coming to fruition. If the pieces don’t feel like they are coming together yet, that’s okaythis eclipse will give you opportunities to course-correct.

Managing the energy of this eclipse lies in our ability to face our beliefs (and the beliefs of others) with curiosity and compassion.

During this full moon eclipse, the sun will be in communication-orientated Gemini, which will be opposite of the freedom-loving moon in Sagittarius. This duo will challenge us to balance our urge to talk and share with the need for us to listen. Some key questions to ask yourself during this very special full moon eclipse include: What do I need to let go of to gain greater freedom? What lessons have I been resisting that are restricting my freedom? Where have I been avoiding seeking the additional knowledge needed for my expansion? Where have my beliefs been closed to the perspectives of others? 

Managing the energy of this eclipse lies in our ability to face our beliefs (and the beliefs of others) with curiosity and compassion. Remember, beliefs are learned and it is completely okay to outgrow a belief when your experience contradicts it! Because it will be in a tight square to Jupiter, this energy of shedding outdated belief systems will only be exasperated during this time. 

All signs should spend some time in reflection and contemplation during this full moon. Journaling and meditating will help you find greater clarity in what you need to release, in order to to raise your vibrations in accordance with what you wish to manifest. Smudging your physical space, cleaning and organizing your home and taking purification baths during this time are also highly recommended.

This is a time to release anything that no longer serves you, so you can make room for all that does. Happy Full Moon Eclipse, love! Let the next six months be filled with a deeper connection to your spirit and soul.

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