Just two days after Valentine’s Day, we’ll finally have a full moon to be excited for! The Full Moon in Leo occurs on February 16 and it’s one filled with love, creativity and self expression. This is not to say it won’t give you a chance to stretch, because it will square the moon’s nodes, but with some slight adjustments, the gifts this full moon delivers can be quite sweet. Read on for the low down.

A bold, creative and empowering Full Moon in Leo arrives on February 16 to bring a little sparkle to our lives. As a reminder, a full moon occurs when the moon and the sun are at opposite points in the sky. This is also when the moon is at her brightest! It is a time of culmination, conclusions, endings and epiphanies. All can be revealed now!

Plus, a full moon brings a chance to take a pause, reflect and observe how our life journey is progressing, so we can course-correct if necessary. The universe often provides us with feedback around this time, to help get us closer to our dreams.

With that said, like any full moon, the energy of this opposition allows for us to find balance between two opposing themes in our lives, so we can find ways to enjoy the benefits of both. This time, the moon will be in proud, creative and self-expressive Leo and the sun in eccentric, futuristic and inventive Aquarius. We are collectively invited to explore our desire to march to the beat of our own drums, all while keeping cognizant of how this affects others. It is a time of individual creativity, coupled with cooperation towards a common goal. 

Love will be all around you if you are open enough to see it.

What’s more, this Full Moon in Leo will occur on the same day as the yearly magical Mars and Venus connection. Love will be all around you if you are open enough to see it! When Mars and Venus come together in this nature, it makes for one of the most magical days of the year. Mars rules our ability to drive forward in life as well as our passion, while Venus rules beauty, attraction and romance. Combined, we get to experience a balance of the divine masculine with the divine feminine. Bring on the love and money connections

Although this Full Moon in Leo will require us to assess how aligned we are with our higher purpose due to the square to the moon’s nodes, with some slight adjustments, there is so much love to experience. Key questions to ponder during the Full Moon in Leo are: How can you better balance your commitments to romance and friendship? How can you express yourself more effectively in both personal and impersonal ways? What do you want to stand for? How can you express yourself more creatively? Are you as committed to the team as you are to your individual desires—or vice versa?

Through exploring these questions, you are sure to gain the most from this beautifully magical Full Moon in Leo. As for who will be affected, all signs will be able to experience this full moon’s powerful energy. Taurus, Scorpio and Aquarius might be asked to make bigger adjustments to access the beauty of this full moon, but just remember, the universe is only providing feedback to help you grow!.

Full moons are all about pausing—and, this goes for everyone. Be sure to cleanse your space and charge your crystals! Happy Full Moon!

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