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The Full Beaver Moon In Gemini Is Also A Lunar Eclipse—So Be Prepared

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Use this time to reflect, not react.

If you’re ready to take your communication skills to the next level, then the Full Beaver Moon in Gemini on November 30 will help you do just that! This full moon is also a penumbral lunar eclipse, the second of the Sagittarius-Gemini eclipse set that began back in June 2020, and through this super-charged full moon, we are collectively encouraged to get in touch with our needs, evaluate our beliefs using fact and communicate more effectively to make the changes we’ve been longing for. Let’s break it all down below, shall we?

If you don’t know (and TBH, how would you?) the term “Beaver Moon” was coined in reference to the first full moon of each November, which naturally corresponds to the time when we begin to prep for winter. Back in the day, those who lived in areas of the world where the temperatures dropped in November knew it was time to set traps to catch furry animals (like beavers!) to acquire furs that would keep them warm through the winter. Nowadays, we’re shopping faux, but the Beaver Moon title has stuck around.

Astronomically, a full moon refers to the time period when the moon is at it’s most full phase, which happens approximately every 28 to 30 days. It is also when the ecliptic longitudes between the sun and the moon are exactly at 180 degrees. Speaking of ecliptic longitudes, this Full Beaver Moon is also an eclipse, which occurs when the shadow of the earth blocks the sun’s light.

Because this is a penumbral lunar eclipse, it might be hard for you to see it, even from the areas where it will be most visible (North America, South America, northern Europe, eastern Asia and Australia). This is because the earth’s faint outer shadow is the only part of the shadow that covers the moon, as opposed to during a total eclipse, when the darkest part of the shadow entirely covers the moon, or a partial eclipse, when the darkest part covers only a portion of the moon.

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Now that you know the astronomy of this epic Full Beaver Moon lunar eclipse, it’s time to get into the astrology, aka how it affects you. This full moon will be in the sign of Gemini and will be directly opposite of the Sun in the sign of Sagittarius. When we have the sun and moon at odds, we are called to find balance in our lives.

With an opposition like Gemini and Sagittarius, we are specifically called to find balance between our beliefs, ideals, need for freedom and the effectiveness of our communication and listening skills. If there is an issue with another person, romantic or otherwise, that you have been bottling up, now will be the time to more deeply explore it.

The goal would be to first observe the feelings that come up and then evaluate them as objectively as you can. Try to recall the first time these kinds of feelings occurred. Next, try journaling about them to really get to the heart of what you are feeling, to figure out what changes you can make to properly address your needs. Then, come up with a plan to communicate all of your learnings to those around you.

Remember, full moons are not really a time for actionthey are a time for reflection, just as the light from the sun is reflected back to us via the moon. 

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Be gentle with yourself as you go through this super intense full moon eclipse, keeping in mind that a full moon eclipse is four times as potent and energetically-triggering as a normal full moon. The signs that will be feeling this energy the most are Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo and Pisces and the full moon will be putting quite a bit of pressure on them, especially anyone who has planets between 5 and 11 degrees of these signs.

Gemini, the way you present yourself in the world might get some pushback. Sagittarius, your relationship might experience a setback that will either bring you closer or further apart. Virgo, you might learn something insightful about your career. Pisces, your home life will be a focal point for you.

For the rest of the signs, this Full Moon in Gemini might bring a little sparkle to your life. Embrace it, you probably needed a tiny break from the craziness of this year! If anything does come up, remember that you might not be able to control your circumstances, but you are responsible for your reaction. Use this full moon to reflect, not react. Use it as a window into deeper understanding of your soul, and shine light on the parts of you that you are ready to see, embrace and heal.

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