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The Best Round Brushes For a Sleek Blowout at Home

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The secret to taking your at-home blowout to the next level.

We’ve all experienced the dreaded post-salon battle of trying to preserve the gorgeous blowout courtesy of your stylist’s masterful hands that you can just never seem to recreate at home. Regardless of how many tutorials you watch and countless trial-and-error attempts to re-invent that coveted, not-too-voluminous yet not-too-flat level of volume, it seems entirely impossible to achieve the same effect when left to your own devices.

Sure, you can watch your hairdresser blow dry your locks next time you stop by the salon for a root touchup or trim (and you definitely should watch their process), but the reality is, the tools and brushes that you use are (almost) equally as important to getting a *professional* look as having the skills.

Round brushes are the ideal brush option to use for blowouts because they provide more control, allowing you to add customizable volume, curl, texture, and shape while also working to reduce frizz and enhance shine. Naturally, different-sized brushes will give you different results. For instance, larger-sized brushes will give you next-level volume, but can be tricky for those with ultra-fine or shorter hair lengths.

Smaller sizes will give you more of a curl and allow for a bit more precision, but they can also be more time-consuming when it comes to drying your hair. So, whether you’ve got long locks and prefer a super voluminous wave or are sporting a chin-length bob and prefer a more defined look, there’s a round brush to take your blowout to the next level.

Source: StyleCaster

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