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The Best Natural Deodorant Around Is From a Face Mask Company Celebs Love (Seriously)

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Add this headline to your 2022 bingo card.

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If you told me this time last year that not even a month into 2022 I would be using—and praising—natural deodorant, I’d laugh in your face. See, I sweat. A lot. I’m not ashamed of this bodily characteristic I’ve got (if anything, it makes me feel like I’m working hard enough at the gym or getting my cardio on walking to work on the daily), but I’ve learned a few ways to work around it. After all, sweat marks are not super flattering anywhere, even the gym.

I’ve grown accustom to using my boyfriend’s heavy duty anti-perspirants or stocking up on the drugstore anti-sweat options. All of which have done a good job at preventing my fav tees from getting stained, but I know that deodorants like these aren’t always the best for my body (even when they do what I want them to). But, when I read about how so many deo options out there contain aluminum, and the ingredient’s connection to cancer, I knew I had to find an aluminum-free and natural product.

But it was hard. Again, ya girl sweats a lot.

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So, when one of my favorite face mask brands reached out with news that they were entering the non-toxic deodorant market, I jumped at the chance to test it out. You might know EvolveTogether as the brand of face coverings that everyone in Hollywood, especially the Biebers, seems to wear. They’ve basically become a fashion statement, and I’m here for it.

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Now, the brand’s minimalistic style holds firm in its new line of deodorants. I mean, the neutral-toned bottles look like they belong in an Apple store. And, boy, do they look good displayed in my beauty shelf.

EvolveTogether Natural Deodorants

Courtesy of EvolveTogether.

There’s three options to choose from—Havana, Monaco and Tulum. Each have a very subtle clean and floral scent to them that provides enough coverage to fully mask any stench that might be around while also providing just enough of a fragrance to skip perfume for the day. The non-toxic, vegan and cruelty-free options are made with plants that miraculously combat gross odors.

The brand calls this capability “deoplex.” According to EvolveTogether, this essentially means that the plant enzymes from ingredients like sugarcane neutralizes gross smells. Other ingredients like tapioca starch absorb sweat (hence, no embarrassing marks) and vitamin B5 keep your pits irritation-free.

If all of this wasn’t enough, the deodorants come in biodegradable and recyclable containers, so you don’t have to feel bad about tossing them out—though it might be a while until you do. Each tube lasts for 120 uses.

EvolveTogether Tulum Deodorant

Courtesy of EvolveTogether.

I’ve used this deodorant before intense workouts, long work days and nerve-wracking meetings. Each time, it’s done the job at not only masking any odors but also preventing sweat stains from arising. It’s a saving grace during the winter when I walk to work in seven layers and inevitably sweat in my garb before I even get to the office. The subtle scent is one of my fav characteristics of it, too. I hate the powdery stench of other options, and can’t stand things that smell like my old perfume-loving librarian from elementary school.

For those interested in testing the non-toxic deodorant waters, I’d recommend diving in head first with EvolveTogether’s lineup. The set of minis comes with each of the three scents and costs $25—a steal when you compare the price of other natural options.

Who’s to say what I’ll be loving this time next year. Based on my bingo card, maybe a bag made by Moderna?

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