"Jimmy from sporting goods, Joseph the cashier, Larry from garden center: You are all perverts."

A Walmart in Texas was down one employee this weekend after she quit — in spectacular fashion.

Shana Ragland shared her resignation on TikTok — and indeed the entire store in Lubbock Texas — when she let colleagues know just how she felt about them over the PA system.

"Attention all Walmart shoppers, associates, and managers," she announced in the self-shot video. "My name is Shana from Cap 2, and I just want to come on here and say Henry is a racist, stinky prick."

"Giovanna is racist. Elias is a prick of a manager. This company fires Black associates for no reason. This company treats their employees like shit, especially Cap 2."

Cap 2, for the record, unloads stock from trucks and stacks the shelves. However according to Shana, there are problem areas in other sections of the store, too.

"And Jimmy from sporting goods, Joseph the cashier, Larry from garden center: You are all perverts, and I hope you don't talk to your daughters the way you talk to me."

It wasn't all bad though; she did have some nice parting words for Ariel, who got her the job a year ago when she needed it the most.

Her goodbye to her superior wasn't as sweet, however.

"F--k the managers, f--k this company, f--k this position, and f--k that big, lazy bitch," she said apparently of her boss, "I f--king quit."

Within 24 hours of uploading on TikTok, the cathartic video was watched 3.7 million times.

And for anyone suspicious the clip may have been faked, Shana also re-shared a video a customer posted from inside the store as her voice scorched the earth from the address system, with a number of her (presumably unnamed) colleagues doubling over with laughter.

On Twitter, Shana elaborated a little further, claiming the job had made her "absolutely miserable for a year and seven months."

She praised her husband, without whom she "really wouldn’t be able to quit and be so damn happy if he wasn't supporting me and my career. He pushed me to go back to college and pursue my dreams."

TooFab has reached out to Walmart for comment.

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