There’s major YouTube legal drama brewing here, y’all…

Beauty guru Tati Westbrook is reportedly suing a fellow YouTuber named Katie Joy for defamation after her video channel Without A Crystal Ball recently covered a separate lawsuit in which Westbrook is allegedly involved. Now, Westbrook’s legal team is arguing ongoing coverage by Joy is defamatory, and they’ve brought suit against her.

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It all started to come to a head when Joy published a vlog last Wednesday in which she reported on the accusations involving Tati and her husband James, from their former business partner Clark Swanson. The latter has alleged multiple financial misdeeds against the pair, reportedly some including Tati’s popular eyeshadow palette and a business agreement allegedly gone wrong.

Joy herself gave the rundown on that lawsuit — as well as a few other alleged legal maneuvers in which James has been involved — in this 34-minute video (below) that was published late last week:

Not even a full week later, Joy returned to report the couple was allegedly suing her for defamation, as a result of the reporting the Minnesota native had carried out on her YouTube channel!

In an alleged statement posted late last week to her since-deleted Twitter account, Joy told followers that she had not yet been served in the suit, which apparently alleges “emotional distress and defamation” at its core. Click through (below):

A link to the complaint itself was also posted to social media via a DropBox download, as you can see here:

According to ONTD, the Westbrook’s lawsuit against the YouTuber lists at least 114 instances of her allegedly “stating her negative opinions about Tati and James as fact” during her on-air segments.

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Not surprisingly, YT drama channels are having a field day with this news, reporting and posting about it quite a bit over the weekend.

Here’s a rundown of the full legal drama between the makeup guru and the YouTube vlogger, including a clip where Joy states she and her own lawyer believe the suit to be “meritless” in its accusations:


Following her Twitter deactivation, Joy delivered a warning to other YouTube creators on Instagram (below), writing in part:

“Anyone gloating or acting above me — just remember if you are making videos like I do and cover commentary, this can and might happen to you. Just because it hasn’t happened yet — doesn’t mean it won’t. But be careful what you cover — seriously. There are a lot of wealthy people on YouTube that spend a lot of money to keep smaller creators quiet.”

Well then…

Here is Joy’s full IG message, posted late Sunday night:

Katie Joy's Without A Crystal Ball is being sued by Tati Westbrook for defamation!
Katie Joy reveals more about her decision to step away from Twitter for the time being / (c) Katie Joy/Instagram

Now, it appears she’s done talking about the suit publicly — which is probably a smart idea for all parties involved.

Reactions, Perezcious readers? What do U think about this latest YouTube drama? Are Tati and James really the villains here as painted by these cryptic reactions and allegations? Or was this a lawsuit just waiting to happen??

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