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Tasteful Accent Benches With Storage That You Can Hide All of Your Clutter In

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Short on storage? An accent bench is the perfect place to hide closet overflow.

If your home is short on closet space or cabinets, an accent bench with storage is the perfect Trojan horse to add to your home. It accomplishes two important goals in one fell swoop. An accent bench serves as a place to sit and rest your feet on, but it can also be a huge space safer. Depending on the type of accent bench you purchase, you can either see your storage beneath the bench or have a hollow space inside your bench to put extra junk. 

Accent benches with storage beneath are great additions to an entryway. These benches function as more aesthetically-appealing shoe racks, but the shoes are artfully obscured by the bench above. So if shoes are always attempting to take over your home, this is the bench you need. 

If you’d rather have your storage hidden away where no one, not even you, can see it, invest in an accent bench with storage inside. You lift up the top of the bench, which has a hinge, on one side and you’re given a hollow space to store scarves, blankets, shoes, clothes and other items. Once you close it, it’s basically like it doesn’t exist, and you’re left with a view of a very stylish accent piece that pulls your whole room together. This bench could go anywhere in your place, but it’s often put in the living room for added seating or at the end of a bed.

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