Spider-Man 3 star Jacob Batalon has proudly debuted off his fitness transformation on Instagram.

The Hawaiian native — who will return as Peter Parker's best friend Ned Leeds in the upcoming instalment — looked visibly leaner in a new photo he shared recently on his 24th birthday.

"Don't try to get at me..imma be vibin all day," he wrote alongside a mirror selfie of himself wearing an unbuttoned brown jacket. "By the way, while I appreciate the concern, people can stop telling me to lose weight now."


Batalon first appeared opposite Zendaya and Tom Holland's titular character in Spider-Man: Homecoming in 2017 and then in its 2019 sequel Spider-Man: Far From Home. Batalon also made a cameo as Ned Leeds Avengers: Infinity War in 2018. 

His character was originally depicted as a tall blond reporter in the comics but was later cast as Asian-American in the films. The casting call for Homecoming didn't specify what race or body type they required for the role of Ned Leeds, which worked out perfectly for Batalon, who is of Filipino descent. 

"Diversity in the industry is very lacking and equal opportunity comes very far and few between for people of colour," he told Indie Wire at the time. "We're really glad to be a part of that stepping stone process of having an industry be open more to everyone."

Spider-Man actor, Jacob Batalon, weight loss transformation, photos, Instagram

Now, the actor's transformation has garnered praise from friends and colleagues. Aussie actor Remy Hii — who played Brad Davis, Peter and Ned's friend in Far From Home — was one of the first to weigh in.

"Jacob I'm pregnant," joked the former Neighbours star.

Meanwhile, Captain America actor Colin Ford, wrote, "killing it bro!!!" and Batalon's Let It Snow co-star Matthew Noszka replied, "You look damn good G! Keep grinding."

Spider-Man actor, Jacob Batalon, weight loss transformation, photos, Instagram

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