Sofia Vergara has recalled the moment she received her cancer diagnosis at 28-years-old, emphasising the importance of routine check-ups.

The Modern Family star took to Facebook to stress the importance of early intervention while reflecting on her thyroid cancer diagnosis on World Cancer Day.

"At 28, 'Cancer' was not a word I expected to hear," the 49-year-old wrote. "It was just a routine check-up. But the doctors found a lump in my throat, and that word became part of my story."

"I spent countless hours in radiation treatments, and, eventually, in surgery. Today, I get to call myself a cancer survivor."

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Sofia Vegara reflects on her cancer diagnosis.

Vergara shared the heartfelt post with a picture from her first acting class after the diagnosis — with her surgery scar exposed.

"This was my first acting class after diagnosis and treatment, and seeing the scar on my throat reminds me of how blessed I felt that day — and every day since."

"I'm lucky and grateful to be in a position to share my story and say: early prevention is so important!!"

The Colombian-born actress ended the post with a call to action, urging fans to stay on top of routine check ups: "Schedule your annual check up for this year if you haven't already."

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Vergara has previously spoken to WebMD about her cancer experience, saying that being a mother to a young son made the diagnosis much more "traumatic".

In 2013 she told the website, "Of course, I couldn't Google thyroid cancer from the comfort of my house back then, so I went to bookstores and found out everything I could about it."

Following her diagnosis, Vergara had to undergo surgery to have her thyroid removed. She remained in hospital where they treated her with radioactive iodine to remove remaining cancer cells.

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