The suspect's face is completely tattooed with Gucci print — and a Louis Vuitton logo.

Amazon engineer Emma Shengnan Wang was brutally and randomly attacked by a homeless man covered in Gucci and Louis Vuitton tattoos.

Video of the sickening assault shows the woman walking home through Seattle's Belltown neighborhood on January 31, when a man suddenly walks up behind her and smashes her across the head with a baseball bat, before casually picking up his belongings and strolling away.

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The footage shows Wang slump face-first into the ground. Bystanders rushed to her aid and reported seeing blood pouring from her ear. One witness who saw the attacker with the bat moments beforehand told police he initially thought he had hit a concrete wall because of the sound it made.

Luckily, Wang survived the "full body swing" and is recovering with multiple skull fractures, but will need to undergo "significant surgery", according to charging documents.

Police subsequently arrested 31-year-old Wantez Tulloss, who they said went for a slice of pizza after the attack, bat in hand. They were able to track him down fairly easily thanks to his distinctive face tattoos.

Investigators believe the attack was random and say Tulloss did not know the victim; he did not appear to steal from or even say anything to her.

According to KTTH, Tulloss is homeless and living at AL Humphrey House, a transient housing facility not 500 feet from where the attack took place.

He also has a rap sheet that stretches back to 2006, with 11 arrests including first-degree robbery, theft, assault, burglary, reckless driving, and three violations of domestic violence no-contact order (The above mugshot is from a January 2020 domestic violence arrest in Tennessee). He has now been charged with first-degree felony assault.

Bond was set at $150k. If convicted, he faces up to 12 years in prison.

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