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Selena Gomez’s $548 Skincare Routine Includes The Lip Balm We All Used in Middle School

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Does anyone have $548 they could give me?

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Stop what you’re doing because Selena Gomez just dropped her skincare routine on TikTok and it’s seriously no joke. First of all, there are definitely some brands you’ll recognize in the routine and you may already have them in your beauty cabinet. But second of all, Gomez is hosting Saturday Night Live for the first time ever this weekend on May 14, so how did she find the time to grace us with such an important and educational video?

I’m not going to question it because I’ve been waiting for this reveal for a long time. Anytime I’ve ever seen a photo of her, her skin looks absolutely flawless, and her routine is pretty simple for a celeb who has access to all of the products in the world. But simple means that it’s accessible to common folk like us, and you better believe I’m snapping up whatever I can afford from this list. Which, honestly, isn’t much, since the majority of the products she uses cost around $100 alone. Yeah…

But, she ended her skincare routine tutorial (which we totaled to cost a whopping $538) with a blast from the past: a round lip balm that could only be that of eos, aka the chapped stick everyone and their brother used in middle school. We love a throwback moment, especially when it’s courtesy of miss Gomez.

Now you can see exactly how Gomez will prep her skin for her big day of hosting this weekend with musical guest Post Malone.


♬ Dreams (2004 Remaster) – Fleetwood Mac

Here’s everything Gomez used in the video and the order she used it in. Remember, if some of the items are a bit too pricey, there are always dupes on the market that you can swap around as you see fit.

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Evian Facial Spray

Courtesy of Amazon.

1. Evian Facial Spray

First, she starts out by generously spraying this hydrating facial spray all over her face. This is an interesting choice, since she does it before washing off her makeup with a cleanser, but I’m not here to question the queen. Maybe she just likes to wake her skin up with the refreshing mist before she tackles the rest of her routine?

La Mer The Cleanser Foam Face Cleanser

Courtesy of Nordstrom.

2. La Mer The Cleanser Foam Face Cleanser

La Mer is a luxe brand that promises real results, so it makes sense that Gomez is a fan (so many other celebs like Kim Kardashian swear by their products). After she sprays her Evian mist, she uses this cleanser and then sprays the mist once more before she gently removes her makeup with a towel. Okay, I officially need to buy that Evian mist now.

Dior Capture Totale Super Potent Age-Defying Intense Serum

Courtesy of Nordstrom.

3. Dior Capture Totale Super Potent Age-Defying Intense Serum

Now that the makeup is off, Gomez gets to work on age-proofing her skin by applying this Dior serum. The main ingredient at work here is hyaluronic acid, which helps plump the skin and helps it retain moisture.

Dior Capture Totale Super Potent Eye Serum

Courtesy of Nordstrom.

4. Dior Capture Totale Super Potent Eye Serum

Keeping on the Dior theme, Gomez gently pats on this eye serum to prep the gentle skin under her eyes for the eye patches she wears later. The unique applicator is known for its ability to quickly soothe puffy under eyes, fine lines and wrinkles.

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Crème de la Mer Moisturizing Cream

Courtesy of Nordstrom.

5. Crème de la Mer Moisturizing Cream

All La Mer products contain its secret Miracle Broth formula, which is what makes the cream pricier than others. It’s an ultra-rich cream that hydrates the skin, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and instantly eliminates dry, flaky skin. Gomez dabs just a bit of this product on her face and neck as she waits for her eye serum to dry.

Peter Thomas Roth Hydra-Gel Eye Patches

Courtesy of Amazon.

6. Peter Thomas Roth Hydra-Gel Eye Patches

I typically only reserve eye patches for special occasions, but I’m going to start using them way more often knowing that they’re part of Gomez’s routine. This pack of 60 is pretty affordable at $75 and has a cult-like following. Each patch is infused with 24K gold and firms skin in just 10 minutes, per the brand.

eos Natural & Organic Stick & Sphere Lip Balm - Vanilla Bean

Courtesy of Amazon.

7. eos Natural & Organic Stick & Sphere Lip Balm – Vanilla Bean

The final step of Gomez’s routine includes slathering on this eos lip balm that truly had its heyday a few years ago when they first came out and everyone wanted one. This is definitely the most affordable step in her routine. Right now you can get four products for just under $12.

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