You’re discovering a new way to get up and get going this month, Sagittarius. In fact, your Sagittarius May 2022 horoscope proves that you might even feel *excited* about getting to work! As the sun joins forces with Uranus in Taurus on May 5, it could ignite your level of inspiration and show you another perspective of the process. Don’t be a cog in a machine when you can invent your own machine.

However, as Mercury stations retrograde in your seventh house of partnerships on May 10, you may feel too caught up in the drama to stay focused. This could resurrect relationships from your past and it could also bring up unresolved conflicts. It may be time to finally set the record straight! Either way, you may be on the verge of a romantic affair that may be fleeting, but highly impactful. As Jupiter enters your passionate fifth house on May 10, your desires might even begin to tempt you beyond your limits *wink* *wink*.

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When a lunar eclipse in Scorpio blasts through your 12th house of solitude on May 16, you may feel ready to withdraw into your own private world so that you can process the thoughts and feelings you’ve been carrying. Dive deep into your psyche. Find a way to reflect on your inner knowing, because your conscience is trying to tell you something.

When the sun lights up your relationship sector as of May 20, it will emphasize the status between you and someone you care about, bringing a certain depth to your social interactions. Pro-tip: you’ll get so much more out of one-on-one interactions than large group outings! However, once Mercury re-enters your busy sixth house on May 22, you may feel just as pressed for time as you are running low on fuel. Don’t forget to solve each problem with patience; one step at a time.

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By May 29, you may feel a burst of creative inspiration taking form. This is when Mars will join forces with Jupiter in Aries, making colors look more vivid and music sound more pleasant. Take advantage of the inspiration rising in your chest by expressing yourself! In fact, as the month comes to a close with a new moon in Gemini on May 30, you may be expressing your feelings to someone important to you. And this expression could turn over a new leaf in your relationship.

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