Lovely to see such an olive branch in the worst Royal family feud in years.

We heard last month that Prince Harry and Prince Charles were finally talking again for the first time in months. The Duke of Sussex had admitted to Oprah in their controversial interview that he and his father had grown apart so much they weren’t even on speaking terms. And of course it was during that interview that he claimed a member of his family had once gotten racist about the child he was about to have with Meghan Markle; while more recently many have pointed to Prince William, some said that person was Charles himself.

Charles was said to be fuming over the interview and of course everything that followed. So hearing the rift was healing after all that was quite comforting indeed.

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But it wasn’t until Tuesday that Charles gave us a very public sign seemingly confirming that report. He wrote an essay for Newsweek entitled “Our Children Are Judging Us” — but no, that isn’t about antiquated racial power dynamics in the monarchy and beyond. It’s all about how the climate crisis is affecting younger generations.

The essay is mostly a call to action, restating that we do still have the ability to turn around our impact on the environment. But in talking about humanity’s actions, he takes a moment to be a parent and gush about both of his sons’ initiatives. First William:

“As a father, I am proud that my sons have recognised this threat. Most recently, my elder son, William, launched the prestigious Earthshot Prize to incentivise change and help repair our planet over the next ten years by identifying and investing in the technologies that can make a difference.”

But then the Prince of Wales really does praise Harry, writing:

“And my younger son, Harry, has passionately highlighted the impact of climate change, especially in relation to Africa, and committed his charity to being net zero.”

That doesn’t seem like someone talking about the black sheep, does it? Sounds like the talk of a proud poppa to us!

Not only is it a kind statement, the whole essay is a statement about something that has been of the utmost importance to Harry. Really the entire post reads like a father waking up and realizing it’s time to reach out to a distant son!

His Royal Highness finishes his inspiring post by saying:

“The time is now. The eyes of our children and grandchildren are judging us. Let ours be the generation that can. And does. As we enter a new year, there is not a moment to lose.”

Spoken like the kind of future king we need, to be honest. And a man thinking about his kids and grandkids.

You can read the entire essay HERE!

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