Ushering in a new era. Queen Elizabeth II’s reign came to a symbolic end on Monday, September 19, amid the committal service at St George’s Chapel.

Queen Elizabeth II's Funeral: Every Emotional Photo

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Toward the end of the ceremony, Her Majesty’s state crown, orb and sceptre, which was bestowed upon her at her June 1953 coronation, were removed from her coffin. The touching moment took place just moments before her casket was lowered into the vault.

“The reality of seeing the crown taken away and the instruments of state knowing that they are now in his procession [was moving],” reporter Max Foster said during CNN’s live broadcast. “That is the goodbye for the nation. The goodbye for the world.”

Queen Elizabeth II’s Funeral Comes to an Emotional End — What Comes Next?

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The Imperial State Crown, the orb and the sceptre were lifted from the queen’s coffin by the Crown Jeweller, officially separating the Queen from her crown one last time.

The moment, which was witnessed by 800 people in attendance, is a rare historical occurrence, which many had never witnessed before. Once the items — which date back to the seventeenth century — were removed, they were placed on the High Altar for the remainder of the service.

Another poignant action during the ceremony occurred when the queen’s Lord Chamerlain, Baron Parker, broke his Wand of Office and placed it on her coffin. This signified that his time as her loyal servant had come to an end. King Charles III, for his part, subtly honored his late mother by walking to the casket and bowing one final time before returning to his seat.

The state crown, which is one of the Crown Jewels that symbolize the sovereignty of the monarch, the orb, which signifies that the ruler’s power is derived from God, and the sceptre, which represents the monarch’s power and governance, will be held at the Tower of London until Charles’ coronation. (That date has yet to be set.)

The committal ceremony concluded with the playing of “God Save the King” and the former Prince of Wales, 73, driving off with his wife, Queen Consort Camilla, privately.

“The isolated car driving off alone, not the pomp and pageantry that we saw accompanying the king’s mother, Queen Elizabeth, as she was brought to her final resting place,” reporter Anderson Cooper explained during the broadcast. “They’re driving off into the future together.”

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The longest-reigning monarch’s legacy was honored on Monday with a state funeral service at Westminster Abbey. It was followed by a procession to Windsor Castle and the committal service.

Elizabeth, who died on September 8 at age 96, will be remembered in one final vigil on Monday night before her late husband, Prince Philip, will be placed beside her in St George’s Chapel for good.

Scroll down to see the final moments of the queen’s committal service:

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