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So many upsetting stories have been coming out about Hugh Hefner thanks to Secrets of Playboy.

The new docuseries has pulled back the curtain on some of Hef’s worst alleged offenses. While the late magazine mogul still has plenty of defenders, the floodgates have opened for Playmates and other members of the organization to speak out about the trauma and abuse they faced in the Playboy Mansion and beyond.

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Playmate twins Kristina and Karissa Shannon are among those now sharing their stories. They spent two years living in the mansion (and appeared on the E! reality series Girls Next Door) beginning in 2008, when they were lifted from relative poverty in a Florida trailer park to the glamorous life of a Playmate.

Speaking with UK tabloid The Mirror, Karissa recalled:

“We had just turned 18 and were so naive. I remember Hef being very charming and nice. He was wearing silk pajamas and slippers he always wears with his red robe. He was like a king in a castle — so powerful. He said, ‘Hey, will you come sit next to me?’ We could see other Playmates getting jealous.”

However, it wasn’t the escape that the girls had hoped for, Kristina admitted:

“Hef acted like he owned you. If we broke his rules, six guards would drag us to our room and not let us leave. Hef called it ‘HMF arrest,’ after his initials. He preyed on vulnerable young girls like us. He would offer you the world, then keep you trapped in his house, which was like a golden prison.”

Elsewhere, she said:

“The place was bugged, there were cameras and listening devices everywhere. Security, ex-FBI and military, monitored everything you did. We had a 9pm curfew and his butlers were told to write down what we ate every day.”

The twins first had sex (yes, together) with the geriatric millionaire a year later. Kristina shared:

“On our 19th birthday he took us to a club. He bought us alcohol even though the US age limit is 21. When we got back, Kendra was like, ‘Do you girls want to smoke some weed in Hef’s room?’ But when we got into his room, Kendra left. We got really nervous. Hef noticed and said, ‘Why don’t you slip into something more comfortable?’ He pulled out silk pajamas from Italy and we put them on. He pulled out this big pill like the type a horse would take. It was quaalude, which we found out he used all the time.”

Ugh, not the first time we’ve heard that particular accusation.

Her sister recounted:

“He told us the drugs would help with our anxiety. We smoked some pot. We felt frozen at first but after a while the pill made us loose and fuzzy. … It was creepy and gross. We felt filthy, disgusted, like our bodies weren’t ours. … He kept saying, ‘My babies, my babies,’ and cradling us as we lay either side of him. He told us to call him ‘Papa.’ It was almost 5am when we got back to our room that first night and we agreed, ‘He is the devil. He has a black soul. He is going to hell.'”

So disturbing.

The twins told the outlet “they felt too ashamed to tell anyone” about the encounter. But as time went on, “they were regularly forced into booze and viagra-fueled group sex with Hefner and other women.” Karissa explained:

“Hef would take six or seven girls to his room around midnight. Hef would be at the center of the bed on his back. He had this big mirror on the ceiling. Afterwards we were disgusted and would scrub our bodies using hot, hot water and soap until we were red.”

That same year, Karissa discovered she was pregnant because of a routine blood test before a breast enlargement procedure (paid for by Hefner).

“I wasn’t having sex with anyone else so it only could have been his baby. I just wanted to get rid of it as soon as possible. I didn’t want Hef to find out and he never did. I was disgusted with my body and felt like there was an alien inside my stomach. It was like the devil was inside of me. I didn’t want anyone to know I was carrying an 83-year-old man’s child.”

Kristina added:

“I found a clinic in LA. I got Hef’s security to drop us at the mall, pretending we were going shopping, then called my friend to pick us up. We were able to keep it secret.”

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The now 32-year-old sisters informed the outlet that they plan “to sue Playboy for emotional distress and trauma.” They reportedly suffer from PTSD and depression and needed counseling after their time in the mansion. Kristina stated:

“We were Playmates, employed, and everything happened at the mansion, so we want to go after them. We are speaking out because we want people to know who he truly was and what was going on behind closed doors.”

She also reflected:

“When Hef died, part of us did feel sad, but another part was like, ‘OK good, no more girls are going to be groomed and ruined like we were.’ I thought Playboy was one big family — now I can see it was a cult.”

Wow. Sounds like a truly awful experience. We appreciate the twins for speaking up and hope they get the justice and peace they deserve after everything they went through.

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