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Pisces, Your April Horoscope Wants You To Take A Deep Breath

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You need to find your peace, babe.

Take a deep breathe, babe. After all, your Pisces April 2021 horoscope is here and it’s telling you to slow down and find a sense of peace this month. When Mercury activates your sensual second house on April 3, it will prompt you to connect with the world through the five senses. It will ask you to feel the earth beneath your feet and recognize all the energetic forces coming together to support you—stability may sound boring, but it’s oh so relaxing!

When Mars squares off with Neptune on April 9, you’ll need to stay grounded, because you might feel disoriented and distracted. Your emotions and your imagination may converge, stealing your focus away from the present moment. Focus, Pisces!

When the new moon blasts through your second house of finances on April 11, money will be on your mind. You may be thinking about how you’ve dealt with your financial situation in the past, assessing whether you’ve overspent or put too much pressure on yourself to be overly frugal. Go forward with new financial goals that are more in line with your desires and needs at this time, and trust that a hefty pay day will be waiting for you later!

What you’re craving is peace of mind, but on April 16, the sun will square off with Pluto and people might stop respecting your boundaries, asking too much of you too frequently. Don’t be shy about putting your foot down! Things will really start to speed up once Taurus season begins. As of April 19, Venus, Mercury and the sun will all activate your third house of communication, leaving you feeling energized, busy and restless, so make sure you have something to focus on.

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You’ll also start craving more social interactions, so don’t hesitate to introduce yourself to people and strike up exciting conversations! In fact, when the Venus-Uranus conjunction electrifies your chatty third house on April 22, a conversation might reveal some surprising information. Prepare for unexpected news!

You’ll be in the mood for some fun by April 23, when Mars dances into your fifth house of laughter and pleasure. Use this energy to tap into your artistic side and let the colors flow through you. While you’re at it, consider spicing up your love life by being extra romantic! When the full moon spins into your adventurous ninth house on April 26, you’ll end the month with a totally new perspective. Open your mind!

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