The comedian also talks about plans he and Colin Jost have for the Staten Island Ferry they literally bought -- and then made fun of themselves for doing it on "Saturday Night Live."

For the first time ever, Pete Davidson has put a label on his relationship with Kim Kardashian, and it appears to be one with a little heft to it.

The "Saturday Night Live" star was talking with People about his upcoming Super Bowl commercial for Hellman's Mayo and what his life is like as a famous celebrity in his 20s who's actually not on social media when he let slip the big word.

"Well, I don't really have Instagram or Twitter or any of that stuff. So, most of my daily life is getting into cars and showing up to a set," he told the outlet. "Or, if I'm off, I just either hang with my friends or chill with my girlfriend inside. So I don't do much."

It's one of the few times Davidson has referred to Kardashian really at all, and certainly the first time he's used the g-word or any other label to describe their relationship. Despite being seen together a lot these past weeks, Kardashian hasn't said anything about it, either.

Even more remarkable than his total avoidance of social media in this day and age, Davidson said that the fans interest in his personal life has virtually "zero" impact on him. It could be that after all his high-profile relationships, he's just used to it.

Kim Kardashian may bring with her a heightened level of scrutiny, but Davidson was already in the center of a paparazzi-sphere of obsession when he was briefly engaged with Ariana Grande.

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He's been on "SNL" for nearly a decade now, but it's his activities outside of that venue -- and particularly in his romantic life -- that have made him a pop culture obsession for many. Apparently, though, it all just slides off of him. That chill persona he's mastered on "SNL" is more than just a "Weekend Update" character, apparently.

"Once in a while, someone will scream something at you, or it might be hard to get Dunkin' Donuts. But other than that, it's pretty fine. It's not awful," Davidson told People. "It could be way worse."

Davidson also opened up about another big development in his life, and this one has nothing to do with his weekend job or his relationship status. As joked about on a recent episode of "SNL," Davidson and Colin Jost literally bought a boat.

Specifically, the pair went in together on purchasing a Staten Island Ferry, a boat that has personal significance for them, along with a group of investors.

The group spent $280,000 for the decommissioned ferryboat on January 20 with plans to transform it into a destination hot spot Bill Hader's Stefon would be proud to hang out in. It almost sounds like one of his skits.

"There is going to be a bar, there is going to be a nice restaurant and… the lower level, the big space is going to be an entertainment space and we're going to dock it in the city," Davidson told People, before jokingly adding, "Or it could all go to s--- and I'll be doing lots and lots of gigs next year."

During their "Update" spot about the purchase, the guys admitted that they didn't even know yet where they intended to dock it, so clearly there are a lot of logistics about it still to be worked out. For now, though, Davidson can actually see the ferry docked outside his apartment window. "It's literally in my yard," he said.

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