After hearing about Gia's confrontation, 16-year-old Milania says she "would have flipped out."

Gia Giudice and uncle Joe Gorga may have hashed out their issues with each other when it comes to Joe bashing her father, Joe Giudice, in public ... but Gorga apparently has a ways to go before the entire Giudice clan is cool with him again.

In this sneak peek at next week's episode of "Real Housewives of New Jersey," Gia and Teresa Giudice speak with Milania Giudice, 16, about possibly inviting the Gorgas over for a family pizza party.

"I'm not going to that," Milania responds, without hesitation. "Yeah you are, there's no reason for you not to," Gia tells her -- but her sister is still holding onto their uncle's confrontations with both Teresa and Gia.

"Obviously I'm hurt over what happened. Seeing him scream at you when he was saying things about Dad, I cannot watch that," she says, referring to Joe's past battles with Teresa. Then, looking at Gia, she adds, "Then you told me everything that happened. I would have flipped out."

"Gia and my brother made up," says Teresa, while Gia adds that she and Joe "said our piece" during the previous party and "everyone was meaning to resolve things." She then asks why Milania wants to keep holding onto this grudge.

"He hasn't even talked to me," replies Milania, before Gia gets a confessional of her own to talk about her sister's big heart. "But if you go after her dad, the guy she loves the most, she is gonna have a biggest grudge against you," adds Gia.

Teresa tells her daughter that all they want is peace, reminding Milania that Joe is not only her uncle, but also her "only family." T adds, "You guys have to come to a happy medium and let this end, right?"

But Milania won't budge.

"You better not force me to do anything. So stop," she says, before telling them both she has no idea what she wants to do when it comes to Joe.

We'll see if the pizza party happens with RHONJ airs Tuesdays on Bravo.

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