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Non-Cheesy Relationship Books to Help You Communicate Better With Your Partner

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I wish I had read these during my last relationship.

The quasi-cliched statement espousing that communication is everything in relationships may seem like a redundant dictum, but if you’ve ever been in a relationship (whether romantic, platonic, familial or what have you) you’ve probably come to accept the fact that this phrase really does ring true. Loving someone and being in a relationship is a constant learning process, and there’s no handbook or tried-and-true formula to ensure success.

However, there is a slew of relationship advice books written by relationship gurus, from marriage and family therapists to behavioral scientists, that can help you practice being a better partner, and you communicate better in general—whether it be with your S.O., your boss or your mom.

These communication books cover the gamut of relationship-focused discourse, whether it be learning how to manage heated fights better, enhancing your sex life by learning how to ask for what you actually want, and outlining ways to discuss frustrations in an effective and nurturing manner. Coming out of a recent breakup in which weak communication on my part was the culprit of the relationship’s messy demise, I wish I’d read these a little sooner, rather than picking them up when it’s now too late to make amends with my ex. But the truth is, whether you’re single, attached or stuck somewhere in the ambiguously in-between stage of dating, these relationship-enhancing books are not just a great way to learn how to handle interpersonal relationships better, they’re also a great way to learn more about your self, as well.

From attachment theories illuminating ideas about how our childhood may impact our adult partnerships to learning how to communicate based on yourself and your partner’s personal “love language,” these insightful books will not only help strengthen the bond with your current or future partner but they’ll also help you communicate better in general as well.

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