They were initially thought to belong to a deer; forensic tests proved otherwise.

A New Jersey woman who brought her car in for a service discovered to her horror it was covered in human remains.

Linden Police Department were called to the Goodyear Service Center on Monday morning, after an employee put the car up onto the servicing lift, and made the gruesome find.

According to NBC New York, he found human teeth embedded in the car's grill, and human hair in the undercarriage.

The teeth were initially believed to be from a deer; however forensic tests later confirmed they belonged to a person.

The customer told staff she had felt something, which is why she brought the car in to be looked at.

Investigators believe the driver may have unknowingly run over someone who had been killed on the New Jersey Turnpike back in December; by the time the body was discovered, it had been struck by multiple vehicles.

The incident is still under investigation. The female driver is not facing any charges, as detectives believe she did not know she ran someone over.

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