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Mercury Retrograde May-June 2022 Will Affect 4 Zodiac Signs The Most

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Sending out an SOS.

Feeling a bit off lately? Well, you’re not alone, because Mercury Retrograde May-June 2022 is officially upon us. Beginning on May 10, Mercury will appear to move backwards in the chatty, clever sign of Gemini. As with all retrogrades, beware of tech, travel and communication issues. Take special note of your word choices, as Gemini rules communication — say what you mean and mean what you say. And remember, misinformation is still likely to spread. Do your best to approach conversations with a leveled head and awareness, and although this won’t be the last Mercury retrograde of 2022, know that this particular retrograde will be over soon enough (June 3 to be exact!). 

Though it starts in Gemini, the retrograde will switch over to Taurus on May 22 and stay there until its completion. This earth sign is known for its stubbornness, so you may feel frustrated with authority figures and have a strong desire to have your voice adequately heard. Expect shi*t to hit the fan (re: texts from exes, unfounded disagreements and ~drama~). While the impact of retrograde will likely be felt by all, our deepest sympathies go out to these four signs who will experience its symptoms the most. Sending our thoughts and prayers, bbs.


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An existential crisis awaits, Gemini. But you’re already feeling it, aren’t you? Introspection can be positive, so long as you don’t allow your thoughts to become all consuming. Our advice? Get outside and ground yourself. Perspective is key here (aka an infinite TikTok scroll is NOT going to help you!). You don’t always need to be connected with others. In fact, you’re better off connected with yourself. 

Having said that, we know how much you love to chit chat, but during this time, we highly encourage you to sit back and listen. You may be surprised by how much your relationships can blossom when you provide space for others to initiate conversation and connection. 


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Our beautiful bulls, you can’t say we didn’t tell ya! This sneaky transit is moving in on your first house of self and second house of finances. To keep it simple, the time has come to deal with whatever (or whoever) you have been avoiding. Taurus is the sign of self-worth — is someone in your life devaluing you? Even though it could get lost in translation, communicate your needs and feelings. At least then you can say you tried. 

Not to overwhelm you, but you also may want to do a finance audit. Are you aware of your spending habits, Taurus? It doesn’t have to be hard if you’re honest with yourself. Take a look at where you can make some cuts (or at least be aware) and you’ll be just fine! 


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A Virgo’s worst nightmare: public embarrassment. Look, it doesn’t mean it’s bound to happen, however it is more likely now. That’s because this transit will impact your tenth house of public image. All eyes are on you, so keep your head held high and just do your absolute best (but let’s be real — you don’t need us to tell you that). 

Overall, brace yourself for faulty communication. That could look like waiting to post a questionable Instagram post and double checking your work emails. You might find yourself questioning a lot, which can be hard for our (and we say this lovingly) control freak Virgos. Find the fun in letting go and understand that mistakes are a part of life. Have grace and go easy on yourself. 


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How’s your family getting along, Pisces? Mercury retrograde is infringing upon your fourth house of home and family. While you can expect changes in living situations, be wary of any rash decisions to move. I’m sorry if life feels really hard for you right now, Pisces. Consider it a sign from the Universe that your home situation really needs to be addressed (you’ve been putting it off long enough!). Whether you live with your fam or roomies, be honest with how you feel. 

You can also expect physical issues within the home. Yes, it’s super annoying that your microwave decided to stop working, but the problem is fixable. Have patience and perspective! Pisces are known for being super sensitive, but just remember: You don’t need to feel the weight of the world all of the time. Focus on those who are closest to you and give yourself space to breathe.

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