The presidential election has been nothing short of an emotional rollercoaster, and some of your favorite celebrities are speaking out about politics more than ever. As the U.S. prepared for the second day of votes being counted, Masika Kalysha took to Twitter with a message of her own.

In a series of tweets, Masika speaks about her political views, and gives a lil’ explanation surrounding her choice of calling herself a black republican who is in favor of the Biden-Harris administration taking the White House. Her points are definitely interesting to say the least.

“I am a black republican for Biden/Harris [because] there’s more issues than f**king taxes! U can vote to legalize marijuana even if u don’t smoke or sell.  U can vote pro choice even if u personally don’t believe an abortion or HAVE A WOMB. U can vote pro love even if ur not lgbtq+,” she says.

She even notes that she doesn’t believe in certain aspects of the democratic message, but she is not the person who is going to advocate for telling others how they should live their lives. And she definitely is not about to vote in favor of a candidate who wants to do so!

“I personally don’t believe in aborting for ME but who the f*ck am I to tell another woman what to do with her womb??? I am not lgbtq+ but who tf am I to vote on the rights of those who are??? White folks making BILLIONS with weed on Wall Street while black folks are doing bids.”

Masika ended her message with some words for Lil Pump, who has not been shy about his support for the Trump administration, and faithfully flaunts his MAGA hat all over the ‘gram.

“We have to use out brains. Let Little Pimp be an example TRUMP DON’T GIVE A FLYING FK ABOUT HIS DUMB A** SUPPORTERS! Lil Pump makes ignorant a** music that my people support yet his fool a** is front and center for a obese carrot who makes a mockery of him and [hates] minorities.”


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#PressPlay: #DonaldTrump introduced #LilPump at his rally last night and initially called him “Lil Pimp.” (📹: @thehill)

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Whew! Now we know Masika is not necessarily the biggest advocate for politics, but was that a read or what, y’all?! Let us know in the comments!

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