"You got to figure those things out for yourself."

Mark Wahlberg's daughter Ella Rae received two new tattoos despite him taking her to his laser removal sessions for seven years.

During an appearance on "The Ingraham Angle" the two-time Oscar nominee revealed that his eldest daughter had decided to get a few tattoos despite his efforts to teach his children from his mistakes.

"I had a rosary around my neck, 'With the God I trust' across my stomach," the 50-year-old stated.

He confessed, "I still thought, you know what, I'm not really supposed to mark my body. I was trying to really also get them removed, work and for personal and professional reasons. So, I took my children."

Clearly Wahlberg's cautionary lessons didn't quite stick as Ella Rae, 18, now has two tattoos in addition to her belly button and nose piercing. Although he tried his best to drive the message home, the "Uncharted" actor shrugged and admitted that "you got to figure those things out for yourself."

"I hope with technology, it would be [easier to remove for her], because it took me seven years [of painful laser treatments]...Very different from, you know, sitting there having a cold beer and some guy gives you a tattoo," Mark continued. "Four beers later, you know, you got the tattoo."

Wahlberg is also father to three younger children who he shares with his ex-wife and former Victoria Secret model Rhea Durham. In addition to Ella Rae, they have two sons, Michael, 15, Brendan, 13 and a daughter, Margaret, 12.

During his appearance on FOX News, Mark also promoted his newest project "Father Stu", a story about the late boxer-turned-priest Father Stuart Long due to hit theaters on April 15.

The Emmy Award Nominee also revealed that he had gained a significant amount of weight in just six weeks for the role by consuming eight meals or 7,000 calories a day.

He said of the film, "These [religious] movies are not easy to get made. It took actually six years to get made."

"It's probably the most unpredictable movie ever. I mean, obviously, we told them that he was a fighter, he tried to become an actor, and then he went into the priesthood," he said of the movie. "But it is so unlike that. I mean, nothing better than showing somebody the movie that has no idea what they're watching."

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