Dave East was not a fan of Lil Nas X dressing up as Nicki Minaj for Halloween -- and hopped on Instagram to express his disgust.

"And y'all was mad at me about this n*gga," Dave East wrote alongside an Instagram post of Lil Nas X's Halloween costume. "Bati mon bun up!!!!" he wrote in a separate post, adding, "I gotta move to Jamaica, @PopcaanMusic on my wayyyyy chubble." 

Lil Nas X caught wind of East's comments and clapped back:

"It's 'batty man' n*ggas can't even be homophobic the proper way smh butchering the hell out of the patois," replied Lil Nas X, adding, "Bro I don't bother a soul in this industry. All I do is tweet and make bangers. Leave me alone Damn."

The rapper put 50 Cent on blast, who also posted photos of Nas' costume, captioning them, "What the f*ck? Nikki, come get him!" 

Nas replied, "Why u in Barb business?"

Check out Dave East's comments below. Did he take it too far?

Source: MTO News https://mtonews.com/lil-nas-x-slams-dave-east-for-homophobic-remarks

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