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Leo, Your December Horoscope Predicts Love, Fights & Forgiveness

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The rocky relationship trifecta, LOL.

During the month of December, colors will feel more vivid, music more melodic and stories more gripping. Get excited, because the sun will be in your creative fifth house of self-expression, which taps into your artistic talents and encourages you to let loose! The world is a playground, and what’s the use of living unless you’re making time for play? Lucky you, because your Leo December 2020 horoscope is all about reconnecting with your inner child.

In fact, when a solar eclipse sends fireworks to your sparkling fifth house on December 14, you could have an artistic awakening. Perhaps you’ll discover a hidden talent that excites you beyond belief, or maybe you’ll get inspired by a brilliant idea that consumes your heart. Whatever it is, you should enjoy every second of it, even if it scares you a bit to be so wholeheartedly invested.

Your love life will turn into a love poem on December 15. Venus will sashay into your flirtatious fifth house, encouraging you to settle for nothing less than that “can’t eat, can’t sleep” type of romance. And don’t you worry, because romance will find you one way or another. You’ll be attracting it like a magnet!

However, your mood will become more serious on December 21. Capricorn season will switch on your hardworking sixth house of routine, inspiring you to take the creative ideas you came up with during the first half of the month and develop concrete plans to make them realities. Keep creating though, Leo! Inspiration will fizzle out unless you commit to a regimen that makes something out of your big ideas.

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Unfortunately, your closest relationships will also be put to the test on December 21. This is when inhibiting Saturn and excessive Jupiter will form a conjunction in your seventh house of partnerships, highlighting flaws in your relationship dynamics. Working through these issues will ultimately strengthen a solid partnership, so getting through the hard times together will only make your relationship’s future that much brighter.

It’ll be a beautiful time to practice forgiveness on December 29, when the full moon in Cancer sends healing energy to your compassionate 12th house of spirituality. There’s no point in harboring a grudge if it’s only hurting you, and there’s no reason to obsess over the past when you can’t change it. Choose to focus on the now and the future instead.

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