She believes he also has a "jealousy problem," before talking about dating younger men like Malik Beasley.

Larsa Pippen opened up about her divorce from Scottie Pippen on the latest episode of "Real Housewives of Miami."

While her lawyer recently claimed the divorce was "resolved amicably," she painted a different story while speaking with costar Alexia Echevarria on Thursday's new hour of the Peacock revival.

Larsa and Scottie tied the knot in 1997 and share four children together. He initially filed for divorce in October 2016, but apparently called it off, before they both filed again in 2018. She was clearly still going through to process while filming the new season of RHOM, which premiered the day after the divorce was finalized.

"I don't even know what's happening," said Pippen after Echevarria asked how the proceedings were going. "I was trying to force him to sell the house and once I started doing that, he was kind of like, 'You have to send [14-year-old daughter Sophia] back to L.A.' and I was like traumatized."

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"If he doesn't get his way, his punishes me. He's like the Punisher. I think Scottie's used to controlling the narrative. This is like his last piece of control he's got over me and the kids," she continued. "He's only punishing me because I'm making him sell the house. He's pushing all the buttons to let me know I'm not in charge. I'm doing whatever the hell makes me happy."

"So if dating someone younger makes me happy, I'm doing it," said 47-year-old Pippen, who was linked with Malik Beasley -- who is 22 years her junior -- in late 2020. "Which leads me to believe it's a jealousy problem, that jealousy is the underlying issue," she added, saying that five years ago she never would have seen divorce in her future.

Clearly, the two exes are in a better place now -- with Pippen claiming they're "best friends" now during an appearance on "Watch What Happens Live" last week. "We co-parent the same, love each other," she added.

Later in the episode, she said she doesn't like chasing after anyone and prefers to spend time with those who "make you feel the best." Though she has a history with a few famous athletes, she said they've pursued her -- and it's not a preference on her part.

"I don't necessarily like athletes. I don't necessarily need to be with one type of person. I do like guys who are bosses," she admitted. "I've dated athletes in the past because that's kind of like my comfort zone, I'm used to that lifestyle. Do I really want to date an athlete, probably not, but that's what I'm used to."

A shady producer was then heard asking, off-camera, to "remind" viewers what Timberwolves star Malik is known for. "He's known for being in my past," she replied, "He's so far back behind me I don't even want to look back, it might ruin my hair."

When Larsa and Malik first hooked up, he was still married, leading to some messy social media drama at the time -- though Pippen has claimed she believed the couple had already split. She went on to call him "a clout chaser who pursued me relentlessly" after they called it quits.

New episodes of RHOM drop Thursdays on Bravo.

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