Randall Emmett’s betrayal really did a number on Lala Kent.

Being (allegedly) cheated on by a partner is a significant breach of trust in any situation. But Lala and Randall were engaged and have a newborn together, so we can understand if that made the split sting all the more. Still, the repercussions for the film producer’s behavior run even deeper than we realized.

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Specifically, the cheating (among other shady moves) has impacted Lala’s approach to all other future relationships. During an Amazon Live on Tuesday, the reality star revealed:

“I will never welcome someone into my life again without a full background check. I mean in-depth.”

Wow! That’s serious!

She went on:

“I got to see what your credit is, I need to know your family history, I need to know everything you’ve been involved with. I’m going deep. I now have this PI guy who I just randomly send people to like, ‘Hey, before I go anywhere with this person, I’m going to need to know his story.’ Damaged, I guess. Who knows? I am not doing what I did back then.”

That’s a pretty intense approach to dating, but the 31-year-old is enjoying herself, too. She recently went on a group date was a “Superman”-esque hunk, telling the livestream viewers:

“It was amazing. I had a lot of fun. I know I’m definitely not ready to date just one person. I want to continue having fun and that’s what it is.”

She added:

“He was very fun to look at, by the way. I was like wow, look at that jawline. Good for you. I was like, ‘Damn, that jawline.’ Very into it.”

As for her ex-fiancé, Ocean’s momma claimed “he made it very easy” for her to get over him. She explained:

“I found out who he really was and all of a sudden, I was over it. I have this way of when I’m betrayed by somebody, it’s like all feelings — I don’t even remember them. And this could be the trauma — I don’t remember anything about my relationship. I don’t remember any good moments. I can only remember the demise of it, so maybe that’s my mind trying to protect me.”

She snarked:

“Back to the lighter part of it: He made it easy, trust me. Wasn’t much to miss.”

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Damn, that’s cold. And actually kind of impressive — after being together for years and even getting a tattoo of his name, it can’t be easy to just switch off those feelings like a light switch. But like she said, it may be an act of self-protection after being hurt so deeply.

Clearly, even if she doesn’t have romantic feelings for Randall anymore, she’s still experiencing some residual emotion that made her want to hire a private investigator! What do U think, Perezcious readers — would you run a full background check on your next date if you were in Lala’s shoes? Let us know your thoughts in the comments (below)!

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