As Lace Morris gears up for her second shot at love in Mexico, Us Weekly is looking back at her ups and downs with ex-fiancé Grant Kemp.

Bachelor Nation may remember Lace, who originally appeared on Ben Higgins’ season, and Grant, who competed for Bachelorette JoJo Fletcher, falling fast on season 3 of Bachelor in Paradise, which aired in 2016. After getting matching “Grace” tattoos, the pair got engaged during the finale.

“The past 24 hours has been a whirlwind of emotions. I came here not knowing what to expect. I know that the conversation we had was about things that weren’t answered, but sometimes, time is what you need to get those answers. When things first started with us, they were wild and crazy, but from the moment I met you, I knew that you were going to be in my life and my life wasn’t going to be boring,” Grant said at the time. “I never met someone that complements me so well, and you make me feel like I can be myself. … I love you when you’re happy, I love you when you’re stubborn, I love you when you’re sad and I even love you when you’re screaming at me. But mostly, I love you when you are Lace. I can’t picture my life without you and I want a future with you, I want kids with you, I want to build a life with you, and I want that to start today. Lace, will you marry me?”

While Lace happily accepted and they moved in together, the duo ended things two months after the finale aired.

“When you’re in a regular relationship there’s already challenges you face. We did everything backward. … I don’t regret going on the show [though]. It kind of fast-forwarded our whole situation. We figured everything out now that it takes most people a couple years to figure out,” the firefighter told Entertainment Tonight in November 2016. “I think the odds are definitely against us. But I know the person that she is. That’s the person I wanted to marry.”

Lace told the outlet that ending the engagement was “mutual” at the time, but the twosome’s split got messy when he was seen with another girl before the end of the year.

“Grant seemed to move on a little bit quicker than I expected him to after our breakup, so I was a little shocked by that,” she told Us Weekly exclusively in January 2017.

Two months later, he called their relationship “very volatile” and confirmed they weren’t on speaking terms.

“I did everything I could to protect her when we did break up,” Grant, who confirmed he covered his “Grace” tattoo, told Us. “I put out in the media that it was mutual and was respectful enough to do that. It was a very volatile relationship. I definitely still hope for the best for her.”

Lace later claimed on the “Almost Famous” podcast that their relationship was “lust,” not love.

While the realtor met a man named Russell via Bumble after her engagement ended, their relationship fizzled by 2020. Grant, for his part, got engaged to Chloe Metcalfe in August 2022. “I figured Santorini would be the best spot [to propose],” he told Us that September about popping the question. “I chose it to take place during sunset and got a photographer set up.”

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Source: Us Weekly