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Kelly Clarkson Addresses ‘Horrible’ Divorce from Brandon Blackstock: ‘This Isn’t Happiness’

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“The hardest for me is the kids.”
Kelly Clarkson is in the middle of a divorce from her husband of seven years, Brandon Blackstock, and it hasn’t been an easy process.
In a preview clip from Tuesday’s episode of her daily…

"The hardest for me is the kids."

Kelly Clarkson is in the middle of a divorce from her husband of seven years, Brandon Blackstock, and it hasn't been an easy process.

In a preview clip from Tuesday's episode of her daily talk show, the OG "American Idol" spoke with guests Alicia Keys and author Glennon Doyle about how it feels to go through a high-profile split in the public eye.

"I'm obviously going through one right now. It's horrible," she said to Doyle. "There are so many hard parts. The hardest for me is the kids, that's the hardest for me."

Clarkson and Blackstock are parents to daughter River Rose, 6, and 4-year-old son Remington. Blackstock also has two children with ex-wife Melissa Ashworth.

"As women, we're trained to take it all on and you can deal with it and you're fine, but it's your babies that you worry about," Kelly continued, before emphasizing with Doyle for also going through a divorce in the media. "That's a hard thing as well."

"I stayed in a broken marriage for a long time because of my children and one day I was looking at my daughter and thought, 'Oh my god, I am staying in this marriage for her but would I want this marriage for her?'" said Glennon. "If I don't want this marriage for her, why am I modeling bad love and calling that good mothering? We've all been trained to believe that a good mother is a martyr."

"I didn't leave a bad marriage in spite of being a mother, I left because I'm a good mother and because a good mother is a model, not a martyr," she added -- a comment with which Clarkson could relate.

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"It was that thing I needed to see to make a step in my life, not just for me but also for my current husband. I'm like, this isn't happiness for both of us. Both of us deserve better and neither one of us would want this for our children," said Kelly.

"Reading that line so hit home for me and not selfishly, but for the family. It's like, I don't want this for anyone in this scenario right now," she added. "It was a powerful piece of knowledge that seems so logical, but it's never been worded that way to me, so thank you so much."

The conversation comes after a couple big updates in Clarkson's divorce this week.

On Monday, a Los Angeles County judge awarded Clarkson primary physical custody of their children in Los Angeles -- though the two will share joint physical and legal custody. According to TMZ, Brandon -- who lives in Montana -- will get the three weekends a month. For the 1st and 5th weekends, Brandon must be in Los Angeles, while the kids would travel to Montana for the 3rd weekend of the month.

"The level of conflict between the parents has increased," read a court document (via PEOPLE). "The parties have a difficult time co-parenting due to issues of trust between them."

As part of their latest agreement, the two agreed they would "not speak in a derogatory manner about the other parent to the minor children" or consume alcohol or marijuana within eight hours of driving a car with the kids.

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Blackstock is also seeking $301k in spousal support and $135k in child support a month, in addition to $2 million in attorney's fees.

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